PLACE: Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday! Happy weekend to all. 🙂


Once again I’m participating in Five Minute Friday—a free-writing exercise to see where the mind takes me . . . and then linking it up with other courageous souls. You’d think this week’s word would take me in a different direction, considering the name of this blog. But it didn’t.





For some reason, when I think of “placing” something, it comes with a sense of intentionality, gentleness, perhaps even reverence.


Place a ring on a bride’s (or groom’s) finger


Place a kiss on the forehead of a sleeping baby.


Place a blanket over a squirming toddler.


Place a bulb in the garden—with hope of beauty in the spring.


Place a check mark next to items on a list of things given import.


Place a sweater over the shoulders of a beloved grandparent.


Place vs. Put


Somehow place feels different. More important.


Place feels slower.


When I place something, I’m paying attention to the experience. I’m living in the moment.


It’s not one I’ll soon forget.




What’s the last thing you “placed”—or the one that comes to mind? Was it a memorable experience?


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  1. It’s always interesting to see the direction the prompt takes us in, and then to read others’ posts and see how it compares. I like your observation that “place” feels slower and more intentional than “put.” The last thing that comes to mind for me was placing a booking for a weekend away in October and that was certainly something intentional that took a bit of thought.

  2. The first thing that comes to my mind upon seeing the word “place” is home. A place to call home has always been important to me. It doesn’t really matter where or what kind of home. Just home.

  3. I placed the names of 2 friends who have shared very serious prayer requests on my heart and on my prayer list

  4. Yes… this is just so true. There is such beautiful gentleness in “placing” something.

  5. Hi Susan! Such an interesting question. I must admit that I had to think for a while…
    It’s been such a busy month for me (with big writing clients and pressures all around) that my youngest daughter (14 years old) had a bit of a meltdown this week. “You never have time for me anymore.” I was completely caught off guard. I didn’t think she even ‘wanted’ time with me, but I placed my laptop on the side table, and gave her first place in my time and attention that night. And her whole countenance changed. 🙂

    We ALL want a safe ‘place’ to belong, don’t we?!
    Thanks for the lovely reminder! Have a lovely week!
    Shauna (from FMF #21 this week)

    • Oh, Shauna, I remember the occasional such meltdowns of my own daughters during their teens! Your experience is a great reminder that our kids really do need us — even when they act like they don’t ‘want’ us. Your response was perfect: PLACE the laptop to the side and focus on her. Way to go, Mom!

  6. Today we placed hydrangeas in our flower bed. We found the perfect spot and said a little prayer that they will be happy there. Yes, it was intentional. 🙂