COMFORT: Five Minute Friday

This is a first for me. For years I’ve watched Five Minute Friday with interest. It’s a creative, “stream of thought” writing exercise that begins with a word-prompt. You just set a timer and write for five minutes. No editing. No cheating.


Many times I’ve thought,


I should try that someday.


“Someday” finally arrived this morning.


Yes, I realize today is Saturday, but . . .  I’m going to participate in this exercise and see where it takes me. Hopefully I’ll get in the habit of doing it weekly.



Surely I can commit to five minutes a week to work on my writing and thinking skills!





It’s not the goal… Oh, sure I love being surrounded by comfortable things like running water, electricity, wi-fi, but those are so first-world. Comfort isn’t about “things” but rather the state of my soul. I can be surrounded by all of my pretties and ease-of-life “necessities” and still be lacking in soul comfort.


God knows that. When he said, “Come to me all who labor and are heavy-laden (all who are Uncomfortable!), and I will give you rest”, he was looking to bring comfort, soothing, to those places in our deepest being that are broken.


When I draw near to Christ — when I let him close to me — I realize that it’s not about my own comfort at all. In fact, he often gently pulls me out of places where I am comfortable and opens my eyes to people who need what I have to offer. Of course, I seldom realize I truly have “it” to offer (whatever “it” is), and in fact often I don’t . . . except through God’s power in me.


Out of my comfort zone — and into places where I am totally dependent on God to walk beside me, to give me strength, to equip me to do what seems to be the impossible.


But it’s not about me. It’s about me loving those around me.





If you’d like to try your hand at Five Minute Friday, do it! Don’t have a blog? No problem! You’re invited to post your five-minute writing in a comment. Seriously—it’s that easy!


In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


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  1. I love your perspective on “comfort”. Allowing God to give us the comfort and rest he knows we need. Amen!

  2. Patricia says:

    Love it, Susan. You are gifted with words

  3. Thanks for sharing this idea and your foray into Five Minute Friday.

  4. This was great, Susan. I am so dependent on God’s comfort.

  5. What a joy to read your perspective on comfort, Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Susan, What a refreshing perspective! “But it’s not about me. It’s about me loving those around me.” As God comforts us, the more we are shaped into our purpose.