Weekend Wondering… A conversation with myself


Writer’s block.


I rarely have it. In fact, I usually have so many topics I want to write about that I have trouble deciding where to begin. THAT’s when I get blocked!
But lately…
Oh, I still have a ridiculously long list of topics to tackle, but lately I’ve had trouble getting motivated. My four-year blog anniversary quietly came and went (last Summer!), and I barely gave it a second thought.


I certainly could write about my incredible journey in Blogland—because it has been incredible!  I’ve met new friends… and discovered new things about myself. I’ve played in the dishes, restored vintage linens, created inspiration boards, written several series, and shared hope and second chances through real-life stories.
Truth is, for quite awhile I’ve been discouraged. I hope it hasn’t been too obvious. There’s been a running dialogue in my head…
ME:  Why do you spend time blogging? No one cares what you have to say. If they did, you’d have more comments–and more people would sign up to get your emails.
MYSELF:  And more people who already get emails would actually read them.
ME:  You know… When you used to do weekly tablescapes and more posts about vintage linens people actually stopped by regularly and commented.
MYSELF:  I love doing those things, but my focus has changed. I want to write about things that matter. I want to share stories of hope and second chances–and challenge readers (while challenging myself!) to open their eyes to needs and peripheral people all around them. The ones Jesus called “the least of these.”
I want to keep pursuing dirty faith.
ME: Get ready to lose more subscribers…
MYSELF:  Numbers don’t matter, people do–and I really want reader-friends to join me! This isn’t a journey for the faint of heart. And it’s really lonely…
ME:  Of course it’s lonely! People don’t really talk about God and Jesus outside of church. You’re the oddball.
MYSELF:  That’s not true. Well, not entirely… In fact, I know several Christian bloggers who’ve been having some of the same tumbled thoughts lately. The same doubts. It’s like the enemy is trying to discourage us–to get us to stop speaking Truth.
ME:  Do you really think that’s what it is?
MYSELF:  Yes, I do… and so I’m not going to give in–or give up. I’m going to stand firm. Readers will come and readers will go. I’m going to trust God to bring together an online community here at My Place that will encourage each other through thoughtful, insightful comments.


I do believe it’s possible to actually have important, ongoing conversations right here in the midst of tablescapes and linens. Right here in “the real world” where living out everyday Christianity should look the same no matter what day of the week it is… and where living out dirty faith gets easier with practice.
ME: Hmmm… I believe that, too. Lord, help my unbelief…

Like me, do any of you believe you can play a role in bringing God’s kingdom to earth? Anyone having a similar running dialogue in your head trying to discourage you from speaking Truth?
Are you willing to take a stand by commenting here and telling us the tactics the enemy is using to drag you down? (Never commented before? Maybe it’s a tangible way to take that first step toward being a Follower, not just a Believer.)

Be assured:  You are not alone—and someone else needs to know they are not alone!


Forward this post with a note of encouragement to all of the bloggers you know who have written that occasional faith-based post. Now is not the time for them to give up—or to give in by worrying about what other people think!
Now is the time to find our voices… to join together and show the world that DIY and decorating and dirty faith DO go together—because we aren’t compartmentalized beings but rather Christians who create and love and stumble just like everyone else. The difference is we’ve accepted the forgiveness and grace extended by Jesus, and we desire to boldly proclaim Truth as opportunities arise.
ME:  Get ready to lose more subscribers. You know you always lose subscribers when you write posts with God-words in them.
MYSELF:  Oh, well…

Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.
~Matthew 10:32-33


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  1. Vickie H. says:

    It’s gonna be alright……don’t worry.

  2. Bonnie bee says:

    Hi Susan… You have chosen to walk the road paved with God’s graces… Be bold and forge ahead guided by your faith and be thankful that He has chosen you to be his beacon. I personally cannot have enough exposure to our dear Lord and Savior.. So thank you for all of your courage in sharing taking a path less travelled. I think that makes you extremely special, my dear friend!!! God bless you on this important journey.. Xxooxx

  3. It will work out well, Susan. There’s an old saying, especially popular with those of us who are spiritual seekers: It goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Some people never see. Others are amazed by how much they suddenly understand. It is they who have grown and changed, because the teacher was there all along.
    You have been teaching through your blogs for four years, giving sound advice and encouragement along with inspiration. Readers trust you and know that you care and won’t ever deliberately mislead. Although you may broaden the topics you write about, that foundation of trust will still be there. Bringing out the best that is in us IS God’s work. By putting forth words that encourage and uplift your readers, and leading them think about their own actions and beliefs, you will simply be helping. And still teaching.

    • Shelley, thank you for this encouragement! A foundation of trust is exactly what I hope readers find when they visit My Place to Yours. We are all at different places in our lives—and filter things through our experiences—but I do hope when people visit my blog they will be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to be honest with themselves, authentic with those around them, and desiring to grow in (or discover) their relationship with God.

  4. Patricia says:

    You continue to challenge me whether it is with tablescapes or with dirty faith. Through the Valentine project I am able to keep rescuing children before my missions group.

  5. Hi Susan! I have been blogging almost two years and many times I have questioned myself… what do I think I am doing with a blog?? I am not a writer, but I like to write. I am not a photographer but I LOVE to take photos. Just when I think I am wasting my time and contemplating shutting down my blog, someone will leave me a comment about something that I posted may have blessed or encouraged them in some way. I do think satan will use anything to discourage us. I have been blessed over and over by other bloggers that I follow and not one of them are shy about sharing their heart for the Lord. …many who have decorating blogs. I say blog what’s on your heart!!

  6. When I first began my blog I had a notebook to jot down ideas (which I have rarely referred to for some reason…) and I felt God speaking to my heart, “write what matters” so I wrote that large at the top. Whenever I get discouraged (and I have lost a few readers over time too) God reminds me that it is not about me but about Him. I have seen some non-believers actually follow my blog even though it is mostly faith-based. I have had a Buddhist gentleman (that I know from high school) message me about my encouraging posts and it has opened a door. I feel like God can use one of your posts about a tablescape to draw someone in and maybe explore your other writings and maybe come to Him through it. Keep hanging in there Susan and making a difference!

    • “Write what matters” was a great thing to write at the top of your notebook page! It keeps the focus right, doesn’t it? It’s exciting about your Buddhist friend reading your blog. Who knows how God may use your faithfulness to touch his heart. Keep listening… and so will I. Thanks for your encouragement today.

  7. That’s right: “OH WELL!”

    Why do I blog? To know you or someone follows? No.

    Why do I blog? To read your or someone else’s comments? No.

    I blog (again after once even deleting my blog) because my voice speaks truth in a world of lies and liars.

    If not me, then who? I will give an answer for why I spoke or kept silent.

  8. Susan, I’ve followed you from the very beginning. I was drawn to your love of vintage linens, your house restoration, your pretty dishes, etc. As your focus changed I continued because we are not compartmentalized beings. God made us to love Him and to love all the blessings He has allowed us to have. Many of the “things” you have can be metaphors for godly principles. Use what you have to catch the attention of the readers and tie them together with Praise and scripture for the Giver off all Blessings. I love your inspirational posts, but I’m still interested in your love of vintage treasures. I think you can do both which will make your blog all that more appealing and useful for sharing the Good News. After all, wasn’t it Jesus who taught in parables? He used the visual knowledge of the world around us to teach a higher lesson. I’m anxious to see how God will use your blogging in the future for a higher purpose by using the beauty that surrounds you whether it be a spring tablescape showing new life on earth and in heaven or perhaps a loaf of bread baked and wrapped with special care for someone in need. Good can be seen in the mundane as well as the big gestures.

    • Jane, you’re one of the blessings I discovered in Blogland! Thank you for your words and for the reminder of Jesus’ parables. Here’s to God using lowly messengers to point to higher purposes! May we be faithful…

  9. Thanks for the encouraging post. Yes I feel we can mix it all up…decorating, grandchildren, life and God…isn’t that how life is? He is a part of everything. I have spent more time on Instagram while I have been having writers block. I write in my head, it just doesn’t seem to get to the computer. I have also had a horrible time with my computer lately, making it all harder. I am also just struggling with many heart issues, and need to walk them through first. Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for posting!!! I am always inspired.

  10. Hey lady,
    Thanks for the email! My thoughts…

    I’ve been online for a bit now, and it isn’t just your focus which has changed, it is the state of blogging. I think it just got to be too much for everyone. People were writing off-line and living and working and raising kids and doing good and reading other blogs, and those people burned out. I know dozens who pulled the plug because as you know, blogging is a huge commitment, and keeping up with friends and authors is a big commitment as well.

    Now, as for topic, I ADORE your writing and your realness, and I need to get my behind over here more! But know you aren’t alone in receiving less comments. I don’t believe it has to do with your message. I think it has more to do with the short attention span of readers…what, Instagram? What, Tumbr? What, Vine? What, Snapchat?

    Anyway, glad you will continue to share here about all of diy, decorating, and especially dirty faith.

    Go get ’em, lady.

    • Amy, I think you’re right about burn-out as well as short attention spans. Blogging IS a big commitment because (for one thing) if we let it, it can pull us away from people and needs right around us. On the other hand, it gives us a wonderful venue for sharing what’s happening right around us. It’s all about balance, I think—and some days are easier than others.