Going Green at Christmas

Can we really make a difference in our world?


Sometimes it seems we ask ourselves that question more at this time of year than any other . . . and we’re a little more intentional about trying to make that difference. If you’ve spent much time here at My Place (thank you for that!), you know I’m all about making a difference in the lives of children. Holiday shopping in our family includes local giving opportunities like Angel Tree and Coats for the Cold and Christmas in Jefferson County.


I hope you’re looking for those chances to give where you live, too.


There’s one topic, though, that isn’t “first” in my mind during the holidays, but I started thinking about it recently when considering tips for “going green” at home. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s an especially great topic for Christmastime when so many purchases are made.


If our gifts can also be Earth-friendly, all the better!


As we prepare to build our Finally Farmhouse, I’ll be thinking about this subject a lot. If you’re a regular reader here, you know we plan to use as many reclaimed items as possible when building our home; doors, windows, logs, beams, hardware. It’s a labor-intensive choice, but it’s the right one for us. Not only will we get “the look” we want, but we’ll keep things out of the landfill and positively impact the environment. And, as an added health benefit, we’ll greatly reduce the amount of chemicals we bring into our new home.


But most of us aren’t building houses, so what can we do to go green this season—and in the year to come?


As I’m sure you know, there are many companies that produce green-friendly, sustainable choices for the home. Arhaus is one of them, and they’re devoted to creating hand-crafted, sustainable furniture. Their dining and kitchen tables are made from reclaimed wood, never taken from endangered forests. You know I love that! (By the way, these are NOT affiliate links.)


I picked my favorite.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do a Christmas tablescape on this beauty?


ARHAUS Kensington 72″ Rectangle Extension Dining Table In Barnwood Natural


I would definitely pair it with some of my vintage linens!


Pick a favorite vintage tablecloth or runner. Add everyday white plates and easy-to-find vintage glasses. Tuck in some red berries (real or faux) and a sweet vintage figurine, and you have a quick-and-easy, traditional vintage tablescape.


In fact, that’s the tip I gave for going green this holiday season:



It’s a great way to protect the environment, save money, AND style up our homes! Vintage linens offer something for everyone with their wide variety of colors and styles. And, when necessary, they can be easily repurposed—recycled! Just think… a beautiful damask tablecloth with an irreparable hole in it becomes a set of classy napkins. Or a pair of napkins become a pillow cover. Or a single orphaned napkin becomes several little pouches for gift giving. You know the saying:  the best gifts come in tiny packages!  🙂


Use your imagination!


“Vintage” does not necessarily equate with “kitschy”. Many vintage linens are stunningly classy—and always in style!


Arhaus has partnered with American Forests to raise awareness and encourage sustainable choices—and they’ve added my tip to their list of suggestions. Check it out!



Perhaps, like me, you haven’t fully embraced a green lifestyle—yet you’re still trying to make good choices. Please leave a comment and share your favorite “green” companies and products. I’m always trying to educate myself!


A few more tips  . . .

Did you know having a spider plant in the house helps remove emissions and eliminate ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from indoor air? How easy is that?


There’s still time to get your vintage linens ready for Christmas! Check out my linen care series. Getting stains out is easier than you think! And you should always feel free to email pics (close up/flash off works best) and ask questions if in doubt!


Need some Christmas tablescape ideas? Most of these use vintage linens!