Post within a post

When last we were together, I showed you this collage of non-traditional Fall colors and asked if anything caught your eye. Thanks to those of you who responded! As suggested, today I’ll give you a “behind the scenes” peek at the ones you mentioned.




Rita was drawn to the bed (top right corner) and the country road (bottom left corner). The bed photo was taken several years ago when I had the long-wished-for chance to shop at Nell Hill’s. It was just before Christmas, and Renaissance Man and I went to Missouri to visit Daughter the Older. When she went to work, we went to The Village at Briarcliff. If you’ve never been to one of Mary Carol Garrity’s shops, I can attest that the experience is everything you dream it will be! From beautiful room-style vignettes like the one in my collage to gorgeous tablescapes and seasonal displays, the entire 16,000 square feet of space is an adrenaline rush for the senses! If you’re ever in Kansas City (or Atchison, Kansas), GO!


As for the country road, that’s a scene I get to enjoy every single time I go out to our farm. In fact, the photo is taken standing in the middle of the road just across from our driveway (on the left). That beautiful old barn in the curve is so peaceful and just draws me in. Now you know one of the reasons I’m so eager for our old house in town to sell so we can move to the country…


Nellie and Janette said the porch (top row) was their magnet. I totally understand! I don’t remember where I found that picture, but it was in a magazine years ago—and ended up in my Dream Home notebook. Eventually it (and hundreds of other inspiration pics) got scanned and added to idea folders on my computer. Occasionally I’ll flip through a folder and delete pics that no longer inspire me. Funny how tastes change through the years, isn’t it? Do you have a notebook or computer files that house your inspiration pics?


Nancy loves all things Victorian, so the antique light fixture (top right corner) is what caught her eye. That beauty hangs in The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. I’ve already written about that Grand lighting HERE.


Lisa was intrigued by the embroidered quote by Abraham Lincoln (bottom row). It doesn’t surprise me that the Lisa Notes author would be drawn to that. I suspect Lisa’s felt a lot like Lincoln in her life; I know I have. Lately…


In fact, let’s pick up there next time…


Until then, I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Fun to see your collage. Reminds me of the notebook journal idea books of mine before the electronic ones. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Susan, I’m a bit surprised at how my tastes actually seem to stay the same through the years! That porch just seems to offer what so many of us seem to need at times – a place of respite and peace.

    xo Nellie

  3. OMG…..I went to the “Grand Hotel” site you posted and I will take all those light fixtures!!!!!!! As stated I LOVE Victorian and all these chandeliers are SO pretty. I don’t know how I missed this post. Oh well, glad you posted this hotel. Maybe one day I will visit.

  4. Wonderful collage! I love how it looked. It’s fun reading your post. Thanks for posting!