Day 4: Made to Feel …


The children of Hope Unlimited are taught hospitality … and this gift basket was placed in the room of each Board member and guest to be found upon their arrival. The cookies were made by the students in the baking class. Yum!

It’s the end of a very long day, and my pics aren’t accessible, so they’ll have to wait … but suffice it to say that we were overwhelmed by precious children at both the Preschool and the City of Youth. We were amazed and sobered by staff members at both locations as they gave updates on their work and the children they serve. We were encouraged and hopeful to hear possibilities of future ministry opportunities.

We laughed and hugged and butchered the Portuguese language as we attempted to communicate with children and staff alike. We let them practice their English. We applied and re-applied insect repellant throughout the day in hopes of avoiding the dreaded Dengue Fever which is becoming more common in the cities.

The alarm is set for 3:15 AM — less than 5 hours from now — and I have yet to wash away the dust of the day. Tomorrow we fly to Vitoria. I promised to tell you about the city of Vitoria, but it will have to wait. We’ll be seeing the boys at Hope Mountain … then visiting one (possibly two) children’s prisons. I wish I weren’t already so tired. I have tried to prepare myself emotionally and spiritually for the experience, but I can’t really know how to do that. I’ll sure appreciate your prayers … In the late afternoon we hope to have a meeting with the Governor concerning an important project he’s asked us to take on; it’s time to settle the details.

Gotta close. I must “sleep fast.”


  1. Playing Friday morning catch up. I had a few posts to read so my comment is kind of glommed together. I loved the part about the graduate stopping by on his way to classes to thank HOPE. That must have blessed everyone there. I also love the hospitality boxes the children made, too.

    I wish I actually had costume jewelry to donate. I’m a woman with very, very, few baubles. I’m just not a jewelry girl.

  2. You are REALLY up to your ears there! I’ll keep this short. Praying that everything goes well with your meeting and what will surely be an emotionally gripping visit to the children’s prison. I just can’t even imagine. PLEASE keep up your strength and try to get some rest. God bless!