Day 3: A Day of Friendships

Welcome back to Campinas, Brazil — home of Hope Unlimited for Children‘s City of Youth and Nave Mae Preschool.  This morning, as planned, I took advantage of my it’s-never-before-happened-in-Brazil-relaxing-morning and took a walk — camera in hand, of course!  It was almost like you were “right there with me” as I took these pictures. Don’t you just love how friendship transcends the miles?  … Any favorites?

Click twice to enlarge collage.


I’m happy to report that, shortly after my return to the hotel, Board members and guests arrived safe and sound after their overnight flights … and we enjoyed catching up over lunch.  I sat at that cute little table (above) with Hope’s Chairman of the Board as well as our new US Office Administrator who’s making her first trip to Brazil.  I hope to share some of her first impressions with you another day.

Then it was back to yesterday’s ice cream shop for another scoop of lime ice cream … because that’s where every Board member wanted to go.  I told you it was a favorite spot!  We’ve built some great friendships over the past few years while sitting around those “sweet” tables.

I’m back in our hotel room for a little while this afternoon while the new arrivals take time to rest.  But tonight, the “busy” begins.  It seems strange to have been here two days already and not yet seen any of the children.  Fortunately, that’s about to change.

I’ll give you a heads-up:  From this point on, the pace of our days is going to pick up greatly.  I have no idea how this “blogging while busy” is going to work.  There may be very little time for anything other than “stream of consciousness” writing … or posting pics to be “translated” later.  We’ll just have to see; it could get interesting …  Right now, it’s 3:00 in the afternoon.  I have to be ready to roll at 4:00, so I’m going to say Ciao! for the moment.  I hope to see you later this evening — after a tour, a dedication service, and an appreciation dinner …


  1. This is so good to be “taken along” with you, Susan! I send good wishes along for great work while you are there! xo Nellie

  2. Nellie, it’s nice to know you’re making the trip with me! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Susan how wonderful to come along … Great photos! XO c.