Thinking of snow …

Hello all!  It’s a crazy-busy week at My Place, so I haven’t been around here much. Renaissance Man and I are in the middle of a big project involving lots of DIY. I’ll show you pics soon, but this morning I’m preparing to join the January Notecard Party at A Haven for Vee.

Since it’s January, I’m thinking s.n.o.w. — even though all we’ve been getting lately is r.a.i.n.

Click HERE to see entire tablescape.


Click HERE for peek inside the house on this property.
This is My Place.

I wish you were here. We’d sit down on this snowy rainy day and have a cup of something warm … then perhaps write a few notes to friends.  I’d like that.

Thanks for stopping by!
I’ll also be joining Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. Beautiful photos. I like how the red barn pops right out at you.

  2. nice. my favorite is the rural barn scene. so perfect with the snow & all. just lovely!! going to click that link now. Merry 2013!! ( :

  3. Oh I really enjoyed the tour. What a charming home you have nestled there in the snow. Is it a bungalow? Your friend’s home was beautiful at Christmas…that was a lovely side journey. I hope that her dream of hosting students in that barn comes true!

  4. Beautiful photos! I love them all and think they would make wonderful notecards. Now I’m going to visit the posts attached to each photo. Blessings, Pamela

  5. Your snow notecards are beautiful, thanks for sharing the links, What a beautiful home tour.

  6. Beautiful!

    Going to check out your links now!


  7. These are beautiful! I especially love that photo with the barn and the spot of color!

  8. Love how you edited your photos so artistically. The table scape is such a wow! Any winter bride would be smart to have her reception so decorated.
    I do love winter snowy weddings! Oh I do love snow!

  9. I am not into table scapes as I am unable to join in due to the fact that my husband tore the house apart and never fixed it. This has been for years.

    But I have to say….your tablescape is absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen. You are truly gifted. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! If you want to try your hand at tablescaping, don’t let your house condition stop you. Just take close-up pics of your table so they don’t include the entire room. You’d be surprised what you can achieve simply by watching your camera angles. 🙂

  10. That is just sooooooooooooo beautiful..and peaceful now why can’t I just drop in..then I would also check out your overflow of decorations for all your beautiful tables. You are a doll…I think we are going to make it down here…vintage, Tiffany blue and red are the colors…vintage games on tables for non-dancers, and quilts on welcome tables from her grandmothers, great grandmother and great, great grandmother…she will be wrapped in love!!
    You are a blessing..thanks so much

  11. Lovely winter notecards – thanks for sharing with us. i’m impressed that your photos are clickable!

  12. Love your choices for notecard! That table setting is fabulous…so sparkly.

  13. We have had only 2 snow events here in the Kansas City area so far this season. One was pretty significant and the other only deposited about an inch of the white stuff. We’re lovin’ the rain instead of snow! I’ll swap with you! 🙂 While the snow looks absolutely idyllic in your photos and on your table, it’s a bear to get around in. I’d be A-OK with it if hubby and I could just sit inside and stare out at it! 🙂 Have a great week, Susan!!!

  14. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous wintery scenes! From the tablescape to the red barn to the lovely home — and the tea waiting for us after our tour! Beautiful!

  15. Hi Susan
    Lovely photos for Note Cards and I particularly love the one of the red barn – it’s a winner!!!

    Your house makes a lovely card too – the verandah running around is wonderful!

    Now I’m off to take a peek inside as well!

    Do pop over and take a look at my photos too!

    Shane ♥

  16. Such icy loveliness!

    Have a lovely winter wonderful weekend.

  17. Your tablescape looks beautiful. I’m having a cup of warm tea right now, and you just reminded me that I have a few notes to send out. We don’t have many rainy days here (San Francisco), but when I used to live in Chicago, it’d be a non-stop slush and snow storm.