Gremlins in Blogland … and Vintage Linens

Wow! Last time I was here I told you about a guest post I did for Leslie at goodbye house! HELLO HOME!  It’s a guest post about family linens.  Well, Leslie posted it — and none of the pictures showed up … except on HER computer.  Strange, huh?  Then she learned that it was a Google/Picasa Web Albums linking problem (yes, I know that’s more than you non-blogging friends ever wanted to know), so she uploaded all of my pics again and re-published the post. Everything looked good. (I saw it on my own computer; the pics were there!) The next thing we knew, the entire post had disappeared.  Really?

What a frustrating 24 hours for Leslie! I think she brought it on herself, though. It’s kinda funny actually. Guess what the name of her previous post was?  Should I Be Distressed or Not?  (Foreshadowing perhaps?) Then she went on to post this:

[Something has happened at our house, and we don’t quite know what to do.]

She really wrote a cute post about a little side table that she’s wondering whether or not to distress after painting it … You can click on the post title above to read it.

But for those of you who’ve been wondering when the guest post about family linens was going to show up, it’s there now … at least it was the last time I looked!  🙂  I hope you’ll go HERE to read it at goodbye house! HELLO HOME!  Thanks again, Leslie, for the invitation to post. I can honestly say it’s been the most memorable guest post I’ve ever done!

Thanks to all for stopping by!
I hope you have a great — but not “too” memorable — day!


  1. Susan, I can completely relate. Those gremlins got me last week.

    I thought I was going to have a stroke because my mom and sister could see a total mess on my blog when they looked at it, but from my end it was perfectly normal. I couldn’t edit it because even in the edit box, it looked normal.

    To make matters worse, I could not see random pictures from other blogs that others could see! It was so odd. I would see some pictures in a post, and there would be a hole, not even an “X” box where everyone else saw a picture.

    I did see the problem at Leslie’s blog so I’ll go read it now.

  2. Oh,Susan, now I understand. When I first saw that Leslie asked you to do a post, I clicked on her blog (in my blog’s sidebar) and it came up “This page does not exist.” WHAT? How could Susan write it and then be told it doesn’t exist. I KNEW it existed but didn’t know where to find you.

    Today, I saw it again, clicked it, and voila! read your great post in its entirely. Loved all.

    Would be interested in knowning how you price items…how you determine how much to ask.

    For example, I found 12 really nice Battenburg lace placemats in a thrift store for $1.49 each but I didn’t buy then. First of all, didn’t know if they had resale value and secondly, didn’t know what I would resell them for IF they had resale value. Thirdly, although I loved them, I don’t want to iron placemats for around my own house.

    See? Wish I had you to consult! Thanks again. Susan

  3. Hi Susan,
    oh, poor you and poor Leslie. Such a frustrating posting I have had before I changed the blog editor. It really brought me on the edge of my nerves. So I hope, it will not happened again and now I am off to see this post on Leslie’s blog before it may disappear again.
    Greetings, Johanna

  4. Aw! Those girls above me are all my bloggy friends!
    You’re so funny!
    It did feel like gremlins.
    Yes, I do have an extremely (if I do say so myself) good sense of humor.
    I have to to not be distressed.
    Love you!
    P.S. I loved this post–you’re cute!
    P.P.S. Did you enjoy the time with your grandson yesterday?

  5. Oh my, that must have been stressful but the post was beautiful. You’re a great guest and Leslie’s an amazing host. It just had to turn out right with that equation. 😉

    Off to enjoy your other posts too. Those rented linens pictures are spectacular.