Field Trip Friday #5: A Trip Back in Time

Field Trip Friday-001


There’s something about derelict old buildings.

They call my name.


It’s almost as if they’re begging for someone to listen to their stories—and someone to help them write new ones…


One of those buildings is located in the middle of a beautiful East Tennessee valley not far from my home. In its heyday, the Jefferson County community of Mt. Horeb revolved around the church, the school, and the mercantile.


Sheddan Store

Pretty impressive with TWO gas pumps, huh?


But that was then… and this is now.


Sheddan - 3

Locals call this building the Sheddan Store after Joe Sheddan who operated the store for many years beginning at the turn of the century—the 20th century.


I drive past this old beauty almost every day—and hear its pleas…


The classy brick building with its arched windows and door was built in 1869. A post office consisting of 40 pigeon holes was opened inside the building on September 9, 1870 and operated continuously until 1901 when rural delivery came to Mt. Horeb.


Sheddan - 10


The upper story was an Odd Fellow’s Lodge Hall.


Sheddan - 6


The current owner is in his late 80s, and always thought he’d do something with the old building. But alas…


Sheddan - 9


Sheddan - 7


At this point, he should probably just call American Pickers and see if they want the last remaining gas pump.


Sheddan - 2


Renaissance Man and I saw the owner’s son the other day. He lives out of state but was home for a visit and trying to remove some of the vines. I was hopeful something was finally going to be done with the building—before it’s too late. I know, I know… Some of you think it’s already too late!


But alas…


Sheddan - 4

Look at that great diagonal-slat door!


Is there an old business or house in your community that has stopped telling stories?

Do you hear it call to you—or do you think I’m just weird?  🙂


Is there a dream—or a relationship— you need to restore… before it’s too late?


Joe Sheddan store in background

Joe Sheddan store in background


  1. What a hauntingly cool-looking place, Susan.