SPEAK: Five Minute Friday

This post comes to you from the once-four-year-old flower girl who chatted her way down the aisle with the handsome ring bearer—totally forgetting to drop the rose petals.


The same little girl who, as a first grader, received her very first report card: all As—except for a B in conduct. Talks too much. She also received very clear instructions from her parents that that would never happen again!


If you have a suspicion that (five decades later) the now grown woman has had a lifelong love-hate relationship with her mouth, you would be correct.


So when I saw the word prompt for today’s Five Minute Friday—SPEAK—my mind virtually exploded in a million different directions. When I sit down to free-write for five minutes on this word, what will happen? Will my thoughts show maturity . . . or will they spew thoughtless (but no longer cute) like the little flower girl?





As I hit the timer, the wind began to blow and the raindrops started. I didn’t know they were coming . . .


I did instinctively what I’ve done a lot lately: I closed my eyes and breathed in the stillness. The peaceful.


I listened as God began speaking through the quiet.


I’ve heard his voice in the lowing of cattle, the “swish” of blowing grasses, the rumble of bull frogs.


This morning I hear his voice as the leaves blow quietly overhead and the rain drops quietly on the metal roof.


His voice speaks loudly in the quiet; clearly in the cloudy.


In the coo of a newborn, the laughter of a free-spirited toddler, the longing of a teenager, the eyes of an adult child.




Listen well.


Word of God, speak…




That’s not at all what I thought I’d be writing the second I hit “start” on my timer, but I’m going to trust it’s exactly what I—perhaps we—need to hear.


When it’s “bottom line” time, I need to listen.


Only then will I know when to keep my mouth shut or when to speak up. When to speak Truth or pray for wisdom. When to love quietly or with a voice that condemns.


Only after I listen to the voice of the One who sees the big picture, knows a situation’s every detail, loves without prejudice.


Only after I listen . . . will I understand perfect love.


Only after I listen . . . can I be used to love others as He loves me.



  1. beautiful 🙂 y’know, the girl and the article… would that we all listened more, especially before speaking

  2. I enjoyed your reflections. It is so important to have those times of silence to listen to God. Thanks for sharing the song too. I love MercyMe’s music but I haven’t come across that one before!

  3. Oh gosh – I just love your turn of phrase. This was so peaceful to read thank you.

    Great to meet you via Five Minute Friday! If you want a free book, Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty (on the book of Ruth), then do check out my website http://tanyamarlow.com

  4. How could I not read this post when it began like this? What a girl. What a Mom. As always you are a beacon of peace and insight in the blog world.

  5. The ring-bearer was enchanted.

    Be the flower-girl.

    #1 at FMF this week.


  6. Beautiful! The girl is a beauty too. Thank you for this wonderful post, it filled my heart.
    God bless you always.