Valentine’s Day 2016: Share Faith, Hope, and Love

Valentine 2016


If you come here often, you know my heart beats strong for children. I especially believe it’s important to speak up for children who have no one else to do it for them. Some of those children live in Brazil and reside in homes provided by Hope Unlimited for Children.  I’ll be going back to see them in June, and you can come along via My Place to Yours!


Girls from the streets and slums of Brazil are especially vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Once rescued to Hope, though, the girls begin to look forward to bright futures filled with love. This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to gather your family, friends, or small group to make Valentine’s Day cards for them.


Each card means something special to our girls. As Marta said,

When I opened one of these cards, I was overwhelmed. Someone who didn’t even know me, but who wanted to encourage and pray for me, sent it with love.


Brazil’s Day of Love isn’t until Summer, so anytime between now and April 1, you can prepare Valentines to send to the girls. BUT WHY WAIT? This weekend, when you’re writing the rest of your Valentines, go ahead and write a few extras.


Send them to:

Hope Unlimited for Children

P. O. Box 100

Jefferson City, TN  37760


And if you’d like, you can always give toward a girl’s care with a financial gift.


If this is your first time to hear about Hope’s Valentine Project, please click HERE to read one of my previous posts. Making Valentines requires so little effort—but it makes a world of difference to some amazing young girls.


Join me? Please leave a comment and tell me you’re IN!


My Place to Yours readers have such big and LOVELY hearts…


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  1. Our missions group did ours on Feb. 2. Will mail them next week

  2. Elise Tilson says:

    Hi Susan,

    I look forward to making these valentine’s with my class every year. This year I teach 2nd grade, so they may be a little less “polished”, but my kids will be excited to make them! Might even make this a part of our Valentine’s day class party. 🙂