Finding inspiration in non-traditional colors of Fall

Hello all! I hope this new school year—Autumn’s in the air—pre-holiday season is going well at your place!


It’s been a little crazy-busy at mine. Honestly? I’m still trying to decide how to share some of it with you… because some of it’s really good stuff. But it’s not “easy” stuff, and I want to do it justice. Soon, I hope.


But for now, because I desperately needed a few minutes of creative quiet time, I put together an inspiration board for you using a color palette I recently proposed for a project in the Mossy Creek historic district (aka our old downtown). These are certainly not my go-to Autumn colors, but the more time I spent with them, the more I thought they’d make a really great seasonal tablescape.


… And since there’s no tablescaping time at My Place this week …



If YOU have time to tablescape using these inspiration colors, be sure to send me your post and I’ll link it up here!


There’s a story (a potential post!) behind every one of these photos. Do you have a favorite?


If you’ll leave a comment and tell me which one catches your eye, perhaps we’ll pick up there next time.


Pssst… Make the most of these last few days of September, okay?


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  1. So many choices! Well, that bed in the top right corner sure looks inviting, but I am also continuously drawn to the grey/black/yellow, so that bottom left corner strikes me as handsome too. 🙂 Very nice collage, Susan. It’s good to hear from you, and I hope you’re doing well.

  2. Hi, Susan! Top row, second from left as I view the screen. It appears this might be a very relaxing spot for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with friends.

    Enjoying September here! It has gone by much too quickly!

  3. So beautiful! What a treasure trove for our eyes. And such truth here: “There’s a story (a potential post!) behind every one of these photos.” The most intriguing to me is the embroidered Lincoln quote….

  4. I love all the photos but I will have to pick the first one. The hanging Victorian light fixture because I love Victorian.

  5. Love the colors and the pictures. Happy Fall. I have to say I like the picture of the porch. I love porches!