The Promise of an Early Spring



I don’t know what the ol’ groundhog saw where you live, but here in East Tennessee, he did NOT see his shadow… so an early Spring is on the way!


I say… Bring it on!





Did you know…

Although they spend most of their time on—or under—the ground, groundhogs (also called woodchucks) can climb trees!


Here’s one Renaissance Man and I discovered at our farm in August 2012. Can you believe I waited this long to show you?  It was definitely a first for us!




If you’re curious about other little-known groundhog facts, check out THIS site. Some of them are kinda sweet…



So tell me… Will Spring be coming early to your neck of the woods?


For fun, I’d love it if you’ll take just a second and leave a comment telling us

  1. Where you live
  2. Shadow–or no shadow– at your house




  1. Those photos are amazing! We don’t have groundhogs in Washington state but we have been experiencing a very mild winter so I have a feeling that spring may be early for us despite the lack of a shadow or no shadow prediction : )

  2. Actually, the sun came out just long enough for that groundhog to see that shadow here this morning! Then, we had some snow showers, some even falling while the sun was shining! I really don’t trust that groundhog as a predictor of the weather.:-)

  3. I think they are so adorable, did you see the one on the news that bit the man holding him! I live in the south, our groundhog did not see his shadow, I am so glad, because I am so ready for spring.
    Thanks for sharing, loved the photos.