Do Mardi Gras and Creative Caring go together?

Today is Mardi Gras.


I’m not a fan.


You’d think having once lived in Louisiana for six years, the celebration might have “taken” with me, but it didn’t. In my view, the best thing about Mardi Gras was my girls getting a few days off from school! Otherwise, I just never got into the parades and parties—even the family-friendly ones.


For starters, this color combo does not do it for me. YUCK!


Although, I must admit:  the history of the colors is interesting…


The official Mardi Gras colors were chosen in 1872 to honor the visiting Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia whose house colors were purple, green and gold.


Purple symbolizes Justice.

Green symbolizes Faith.

Gold symbolizes Power.


And then there’s the tradition of King Cake—and baking in the baby. How creepy is that?!




And to make matters worse, King Cake doesn’t even *taste* good with all that gaudy-colored icing and sugar spread over it. (And I was born with a sweet tooth!)


But last week, my sister found a way to redeem Mardi Gras for me. Thank you, Sister!


In her neck of the woods, this Creative Caring project is going on…



The project brought to mind the “intimate” creative caring idea in THIS Christmas season post.


Thank you, Sister, for reminding us that

  • not every woman is blessed with “the basics”
  • there are all sorts of creative ways to reach beyond ourselves

We just have to open our eyes and look for the need!

Have you done any creative caring lately? Please leave a comment and share your idea with us!


If creative caring is something you want to practice in 2015, then stop by anytime and click Creative Caring under the Inspiration tab at the top of this blog for ideas and encouragement.