Last-minute thoughts at Christmas…


It’s Christmas!   The Holiday Hustle’s in full swing.


With decorating long-ago complete, the *twinkle factor* remains high in the background as the pace of the season picks up in its final sprint to Christmas Day.


Open houses, office parties, and holiday concerts have spread their holiday cheer.




Christmas cards and letters make their way to destinations near and far.


Santa Baby and Jingle Bells bring smiles—and a spring in our steps.



It’s Christmas!


Little ones have whispered their wishes in Santa’s ear… and parents act as elves as they wheel shiny new bicycles out of stores, preparing to find a hiding place until their big reveal on that magical morning.


Sweets and savories waft their aromas throughout houses as wanna-be culinary artists create seasonal masterpieces… placing them in pretty beribboned packages for friends and family alike.




Toys are bought for tots who wouldn’t otherwise have them… and “those in need” are recipients of seasonal generosity, spare pocket change added to the red kettle by the bell ringer at the mall.


It’s Christmas!


Neighborhood light displays beckon from miles away.




Lists once long are checked twice—and marked off.


Wrapping stations work overtime as fun and festive papers pair with gift tags ranging from the simple store-bought variety to stamped and glittered handmade creations.


It’s Christmas!


Advent candles are lit in homes and churches… promises of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love proclaimed.




Children, dressed in ill-fitting costumes, joyfully act out the truth of Christmas as they tell the story of prophecy, journey, Mary’s baby. Set in a cattle stall surrounded by smelly animals and curious shepherds, the children remind us of the birth of God’s son—Emmanuel: God with us.


Carols of adoration, praise, and celebration are sung with an underlying sense of awe and reverence.




It’s Christmas!


Ripped paper. Squeals of delight.


Food-laden tables.




Family and friends… new memories in the making.



It’s Christmas…


Children in hospitals


Runaways regretting choices




Elderly forgotten in nursing homes


Grieving families—and communities


Veterans—homeless and lonely




Still… Christmas.


Abused, abandoned orphans




Trafficked children


Lonely prisoners… some of them children, too




Still… Time to look beyond ourselves




I wonder who God might put in my path—or on my heart—this week.

I hope I’ll notice…

I hope the same for you.


Merry Christmas, my friends! May your travel be safe, your relationships meaningful, and your celebration of our Lord’s birth a blessing you commit to share year-round in the year ahead.


  1. Merry Christmas, Susan. You are such a blessing in this world, and I’m thankful you’ve been a part of mine this year!