My newest obsession: Vintage Ornament Wreaths

The secret is out:  For the past two weeks, I’ve been obsessed with making wreaths from vintage ornaments.


I think I knew it would happen. That’s probably why I waited so many years to make the first wreath…


Some of you love the old orbs, too—and you love them in wreath form. I know. You told me right here at My Place, at Hometalk, and via email when I told you my secret for creating this beauty.



Missed this post? It’s not too late to click the pic and learn my secret!


You see, after I worked my magic on the chippy-paint “useless” ornaments, I still had waaaay too many just the right amount of vintage pretties to turn into wreaths. Isn’t that a creative way to declutter my stash 🙂


I started by separating them into color families and possible combinations.

color collage


The hardest part was deciding where to start!


I chose blues and ivory…

Blue ornament wreath


Then gold—with pops of traditional Christmas red and green…

Gold ornament wreath


Then pink and silver…

Pink ornament wreath


Then red, orange, and more gold—with little pops of lime green…

Red ornament wreath


Finally (for now), I chose purple and silver…

Purple ornament wreath


I plan to keep the mercury glass and the gold ones, but if any of the others catches your eye, they are available.

* * * * *

Whether you wish to purchase it or not… Do you have a favorite?

Have you ever made a vintage ornament wreath?

In case I can’t shake this obsession… Which color combination would you like to see? 🙂


  1. What a great fundraiser! You’re very talented. I love the pink one. It’s really dainty looking.

  2. You did a great job and I wonder how you came up with all those vintage ornaments?
    I love the silver and pink


  3. Ah … vintage ornaments … my FAVORITES!

    To see them in wreath form? Simply wonderful. … so fragile, so beautiful.

    Partying with you from the Nester’s tonight!


  4. Such pretty wreaths! The purple/pink one is my favorite, but then purple is my favorite color.

  5. Oh, MY!!! Your creations are absolutely marvelous!! Which ones do you have for sale (if any) and what is the cost, please?? franki p.s. Just visited Susan at “Back Porch…)