Living with pink…

I can’t remember the last time I joined the party at Pink Saturday, so I decided not to miss another chance to share with you a few of the pinks that have been in my world lately. I’d love to see yours, too!


It’s hard to believe almost two weeks have passed since I was here. I’ve reeeaally wanted to be, but Life kept happening… so I let myself go with the flow. I’m learning it’s much easier that way.


So what’s been going on at My Place? Here’s a peek…


Writing design guidelines for our local too-long-neglected historic district … and explaining them at a public forum

The old downtown district is where Renaissance Man’s office ended up after its cross-country move. We’ve seen a few improvements in the district since then, but we hope to see a lot more!



Taking walks to clear my head

The roses are beautiful right now. Look at all those blooms! The rose on the left is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We had to severely cut back our plants this year, and I think this one came back from root stock. The shape is unusual – and its petals are thick and feel waxy. Absolutely gorgeous!

4.rose collage


Looking for the perfect house plan

There’s still a For Sale sign in our yard, and we’ve had a lot of interest, but everyone has a house of their own to sell. Fortunately, we don’t have a deadline, but I’m thinking it’s about time to get more aggressive with the listing. The sooner we sell, the sooner we move to the farm!  By the way, the perfect-for-us floorplan doesn’t exist, but we’re getting close to perfect on the exterior!



Downsizing: It never ends!

I added a couple of “pinks” to my Etsy shop…


Hand-embroidered nursery art: Click pic to see listing

2.Indian rug3

Handwoven Native American rug: Click pic to see listing


My favorite project lately – the one that makes me lose track of time! – is this one…

Creating graphics for Dirty Faith

Renaissance Man’s new book, Dirty Faith: Bringing the Love of Christ to the Least of These, grabs me and won’t let go! There are so many great quotes and thoughts, and I’ve been busy creating all sorts of poster-like graphics that we’re using on social media. Here are a few “pinks”! They’re high-resolution, and I think they’d be great for both personal (college dorm anyone?) and church use.  What do you think?  Should we make them available?

3.Pink Dirty Faith


What’s going on at Your Place? Has school started in your community? Did you take a Summer vacation? Is Fall peeking around the corner?

Leave a comment and tell me. I’d love to know!


I’ll be joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. Why don’t you do the same?


  1. Susan, I am always deeply moved and touched by your posts. Thank you for joining us today at Pink Saturday. I appreciate your friendship and support more than you can know.♥ I will be excited to follow along on your path to your new home.

    Going through some difficult days here. My mother has frontal temporal dementia, and this is a rough road we are traveling. This is one of the times when I think having a sibling might be a blessing. We no longer feel it is a good idea to leave her alone here in the house, so either my husband or I have to be here all of the time. I think my mother is miserable, and it seems she can’t find any joy in her soul. This is hard. I have always been a “full glass” kind of person, and she thinks her glass in empty. Thankfully we have God because I can’t imagine this without Him.

    • Beverly,
      We had my mother with us for the last 4 years of her life. She had multi-infarct dementia and I have a sibling who was never available. The thing to remember about your mother and her dementia is that in the beginning, she will realize that she is losing herself. Sometimes, it is good to pull out old photos of happy times and talk about them. People with dementia may not remember what is happening around them with great detail, but they seem to remember how they were feeling.
      It is a hard thing to do to take care of an ill and aging parent. I would check around in your area and see if there are any adult day care centers for people with dementia that your mother can attend. There are fun activities and opportunities for her to mingle with other people her age. It also allows you some respite. Caregivers need to remember they have to first care for themselves, so they can continue to care for their loved ones.
      God Bless You. You are in my prayers.

    • Patti, Thank you for sharing your experience and advice – and for your prayers. The health care system I retired from has a nationally ranked geriatrics division, and they have been a good source for me, too. Right now the only time I can get her to leave the house is for her weekly beauty shop appointment, and she reluctantly goes to doctor appointments. We haven’t even been able to get her to go to church since last November. She has been living with us over 24 years.

      I believe she knows something is wrong with her, but I think in her frustration she has become angry. She resists anything that is suggested to her. Physically she has very few problems – arthritis paIn, but she tells everyone that so many things are wrong with her.

      In my heart I know she loves me, but I am the one she targets. She is better with others than she is with me, but she doesn’t want anyone around. I just feel very sad.

      Thank you to you and Susan. I have seldom mentioned any of this, and I apologize for going on. It just seemed I could feel your understanding. Don’t worry because I will keep trying my best.

    • Beverly, Patti gave you good counsel as one who’s been there. (Thank you for that, Patti!) Know I’m praying…

  2. I love those photos and the captions. I have been spending a lot of time thinking and praying about how I, like most Christians, overlook many of the people in this world who are lost. I know that it is not God’s will. What Paul said is very true–without love (charity) we are nothing. I like that these “posters” are thought provoking.

  3. Farm house sounds wonderful, you will find exactly the right plan. I have read a couple of your husband’s blog post and they won’t let me go either. I believe my field is here in my own back yard, as we have discussed before, just need to see where my next step should be, the truth is I already know, now to make my feet do the walking out in faith.

  4. Hi Susan! It was nice to visit you. I hope your new home and journey will be wonderful. I came over from Beverly’s. Hope you had a perfect Pink Saturday and many more to come! I am also catching up on the blogs and enjoying every minute of it! Have a wonderful weekend and a great week!