It’s time to start thinking about holiday linens

I just can’t help myself.


When these images start dancing before my eyes, my mind starts thinking about the holidays. Yes, I know it’s 90+ degrees here in Tennessee this week—and no, I don’t really want to think about the holidays yet—but it’s just the way I’m wired.


Autumn3 Autumn5 Autumn1 Autumn4


And thinking about the holidays makes me think about holiday linens.


Apparently I’m not alone.

Last week there was a run on Restoration Linen Cleaner in my Etsy shop. Some of you must be taking advantage of these final weeks of sunshine! The rest of you needn’t worry…  My shop is restocked and ready for you!


Here at My Place, the holiday linens are already laundered, but all of the Restoration sales reminded me of a tiny box of vintage pretties I bought at auction not long ago. Don’t laugh. Yes, I’m still downsizing.


I sat on my bidding hand when the $20 boxes of gorgeous were selling—but there was one last, lonely box that wasn’t getting any bids… so I snatched it up. For $5. I’m always up to the $5 thrill of returning old beauties to circulation! Even Renaissance Man was nudging me to bid.


So the other day I pulled out the (remind me what’s in here) box of linens and assessed their condition.

linens before 1

And then I got to work started playing…

linens before 2

linens before 3

Don’t know about Carbona Stain Devils? Oh, you definitely need to… Just click the pic.

This morning, I finished ironing…


vintage linens white linens

Aren’t they beautiful?

linens in sunlight

So really… If you want to reduce the holiday stress, go ahead and get a jump on your linens now.


It’s time!

Thanksgiving tables

Click on the collage to see these—and more—Autumn/Thanksgiving tablescapes.

Christmas tables

Click on the collage to see these—and more—Christmas tablescapes.


Not sure where to start?

Try here:  How to Care for Vintage Linens & Lace


What kinds of holiday linens do you use? Tablecloths? Placemats? Runners? Do you use traditional colors of the season—or do you spin the color wheel?


I’m  joining the party at Between Naps on the Porch. It’s late in the day, but it’s still Tablescape Thursday!