How dirty is your faith?

Do you ever feel like something in your faith is missing?

That going to church, studying the Bible, and tithing just aren’t enough? There has to be more, right?


What would it look like to truly follow Christ and not just believe in him?


Such were the questions at our house that led to a life-changing writing experience for my husband – and copy-editing experience for me.


Sixteen months ago, Renaissance Man began a conversation with Bethany House Publishers. Shortly thereafter, he had a book contract – and an October 2013 deadline.




And yesterday, as you went about your business, this book was released.



I’m pleased to say that Dirty Faith is not just another book encouraging Christians to “try harder.” Instead, its straightforward yet encouraging words let Scripture tell me the hard truths I’ve been too comfy to hear… and challenge the Church to be who we are called to be. Throughout its pages are stories of peripheral people – those Jesus called “the least of these”.  Those he called his brothers and sisters.


I stand firmly beside my husband as he starts a conversation the Church must have if it is going to regain relevance in today’s world. Through his use of thought-provoking real-life stories, in-depth study of Scripture, and gut-wrenching stats, my Renaissance Man exposes the self-focus of the modern Church, challenging each member to step out of our comfy pews and lifestyles and embrace the easier-to-look-away needs around us.


My husband’s statement that the Church holds the answer to societal ills (global orphan problem, broken foster care system, desperate families, etc.) should serve as a wake-up call to each of us who say we believe God can transform lives. If that’s true, why don’t we see it happening?


Could it be that the Church doesn’t actually believe we hold the answer?

Could it be we’d rather keep it to ourselves than actually follow Christ – and share it with those who need it most? Dirty Faith 3D

If you want to be a follower and not just a believer, Dirty Faith is a “must read.”

Its truths will make you uncomfortable – even as they draw you closer to obedience.




dirty faith header

To join the conversation, visit Renaissance Man’s website… then join us on the journey!


I’ll be linking this to #RiskRejection at Amy Sullivan – and praying the message of Dirty Faith is well-received rather than rejected!




  1. I am overwhelmed by the changes in your life and lifestyle. I call myself a christian and even teach an adult ss class. But I have a ways to go to be the kind of christian that would take such a leap of faith. I cant wait to read Dirty Faith!!
    Gmama Jane

  2. Thanks for sharing. I hear both of your passions and say Amen, may I take the words and walk in them myself.

  3. Wow. So exciting. I anticipate reading this.