Ooops! I just learned something…



I haven’t been here in over a week – and when I came back last night I made a mistake and added to your already crowded inbox (if you’re a subscriber) without intending to. I’m so sorry!


You see, I’m collaborating with someone on an upcoming post, and I wanted them to be able to view a preview. In WordPress I can publish a post as “password protected” and provide the link (and password) to anyone. How handy is that?




I didn’t realize my auto email would think it was a *real* post and send it to you. Somehow I thought it would know – but of course it wouldn’t!


I guess I should feel good about this since, after four years of blogging, this “old dog” is still learning new tricks.  🙂


Oh, well…


Some days it’s just easier to be oblivious and sit on the tennis ball… ball


Have a great day.  I’ll see you soon!


  1. Hi Susan – your summer pictures have me intrigued so I enjoyed the preview photo : )

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