The Secret All Seasoned Tablescapers Know…

Seasoned tablescapers know:  All-white dishes are power players in the dish pantry.


They can be “dressy” – as I recently experienced them at The Cliffs Preserve in Chile

blue hour Chile


…or “casual” – as I enjoyed them at the girls’ residential care home while sitting around another “table with heart”.

Orphan meal


White dishes are the perfect foundation for any meal.


breakfast collage



lunch collage


dinner collage


Do NOT try to tell me you’ve never made a meal of dessert…

dessert collage


Even a SNACK is tastier when served on an all-white plate.



If you’re just starting your collection, I hope I’ve convinced you: Invest in a set of all-white dishes and you’ll be “set” for a  lifetime of versatile entertaining!


Do you have a set of all-white (or off-white) dishes?


Still not convinced it’s really this easy? It can be… and budget-friendly, too! See?


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  1. Amen. Cherry Kay

  2. I have several sets of white dishes, and you’re so right…white is the very best for showing off the food. It’s what we have for our everyday use around the house. I love patterned dishes, but white is always the best when I prepare a dish that can look good no matter what the dish design.

    Looking at all that food makes me hungrier than ever! Somehow that cup of yogurt just isn’t cuttin’ it now!!!

  3. So true. Love my white dishes, and I have used them every day since I got them when we married almost 44 years ago.

  4. Yes! I scored mine at the 75% off day of an estate sale – service for 24 – BAM!

  5. I am moving toward white. After reading so my photo/food blogs they say it photographs well and does not distract from the food. Still a work in progress. A great post.

  6. My everydays are white; my china is ivory. I believe this excellent advice!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

    “He is risen indeed!”

  7. Yes, but I only got them a few years ago. I have a few sets, and last year bought 112 white Pfalzgraff Filigree dinner plates to use for parties, super deal, 1.00 each! I lend the out, so much better than paper plates and plastic! 🙁

    • I counsel brides to buy at least 24 white plates and forego all the matching china. The only exception to that rule is if it’s grandma’s china — they should accept it and make it their own with accessories that they love. I personally own Pfaltzgraff Filigree too and it never fails me.

  8. Lovely…you are so right about having white dishes.

  9. Your food photos are stunning and the food looks fabulous on the white plates!

  10. What? Me? Make an entire meal out of dessert? Why I nevah….
    (And now I need to keep this comment short so I can get to the sink and put out the pants which have suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames. )

    As for the white dishes, oh AMEN. I now have both a casual and formal set of white dishes in the cabinet. You know, the Duchess TRIED to tell me that 30 years ago when I was picking wedding china, but oh noooooo…. I knew better.

  11. I have been collecting white and cream dishes for some time now. I never tire of them.