#RiskRejection: Downsize to Upsize (Part 2)

DownUpI can’t get it off my mind… The comment I made last week about downsizing my life to upsize my faith.


The more I thought about it, the more I wondered just what I’d have to downsize to make that allow that to happen. I already told you we’ll be downsizing the house–which, of course includes our “stuff”. That was Risk #1. Surely that’s enough.


Could there be more. Should there be?


And so I began another list… A list of things in my life that *could* downsize–not necessarily things that *will*. And then I added more things I’ve struggled with in the past that kept my faith from growing–because even if they’re not dragging me down today, I might need the reminder tomorrow!


I wonder if you have any of these same things in your life that *could* be downsized…

  • House
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories
  • Furniture, dishes, linens, collections
  • Piles of paperwork, magazines, catalogs, CDs, DVDs
  • Craft supplies
  • Unfinished projects; unframed pictures
  • Family “treasures” in unpacked boxes
  • Debt
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Out-of-control schedule
  • Extra body weight
  • Mental stress/clutter; unforgiveness
  • Good things – for better


When the calendar turned to January 2014, and I wrote The Christian Woman I Will Never Be Again, I took a few other “next steps” to downsize my world–to upsize my faith. I’ve been working on them…


It’s amazing the beauty I see – and the affirmation I feel from my Creator – when I get up early and head to the gym.

Gym Sunrise

How my faith is challenged and stretched when I choose to spend time daily in the Word. How my focus improves…

bible study

The sense of accomplishment –and plain ol’ FUN – to take all of those “someday I’d like to make a wreath” vintage ornaments … and do it!


Too bad today was a cloudy one–but you get the idea (along with the shadows). It’s so nice to have a FINISHED project.

vintage ornament wreath


It’s all good progress, and I really want to be successful at these things… because I’ve failed at them in the past… and they became mental clutter… and that does nothing to UPsize the faith.  Truth is, mental clutter drags DOWN everything — doesn’t it?


Even so, these aren’t the biggest risks weighing on my mind and heart right now. Next week I’ll share another one with you.


Thanks to Amy Sullivan for throwing out this #RiskRejection challenge. It’s not too late to join – or to do your own private assessment. Being honest with yourself is always a good thing!


Do you need to DOWNsize anything in your life – to UPsize your faith?



  1. Hmm…good thoughts to ponder. I like it.

  2. I could do the nod at so many on the list, and I’m actually tackling some of them. What I NEED to do is write a list down and pray over it. I truly believe that God put your downsize/upsize mission as a very first intersection in my pilgrim path this year for a reason. I’m so glad that he did. It goes so perfectly with his call to learn the careful (as in put CARE into) craft of balance.

  3. This is such deep thoughts that tug at my soul. When I saw “downsize my out of control schedule” my heart sank. It’s time. My body knows, my mind knows, and my God knows. Thanks for the gentle nudge, fellow risk taker.

  4. Household items, shoes, clothes, DVDs, CDs, BOOKS, old teaching supplies, the majority of stuff in my garage..too much stuff. Stuff to organize, store, worry about, and finally decide I don’t need. The Sullivans could use some serious downsizing ourselves.

    But, but, but…the part in your post which really struck me was the part about the mental clutter. That’s the stuff that weighs me down.

  5. You are so right — mental clutter is a beast! And I love your thought — downsizing to upsize your faith. Really good things to ponder.

  6. I totally feel ya sister! (And it looks like we are downsizing some of the similar things in 2014.) We did Jen Hatmaker’s challenge from her book “7: The Experimental Mutiny against excess.” It totally opened our eyes and we donated a ton of stuff after that (and tried to stop being so ungrateful.)

    Praying for you as you #riskrejection 🙂

  7. I think I have been forced to do this and continue to do this…not by choice, but each thing removed has pushed me in my faith. I would say mental clutter is now my challenge. Thanks for your list, it causes me to think.

  8. Mental clutter? Oh boy. Those words totally hit home for me. I can definitely use some downsizing in my life. thanks for sharing!

  9. Susan, this is definitely a post to get you thinking. I definitely have much to downsize. My problem is finding an effective avenue to get rid of things.