Another City Girl : Country Girl Moment…

I took a RISK this morning… leaving the warmth and safety of my home to venture out into single-digit temperatures (a warming trend from the pre-dawn negative 7). It was worth it to see some of my favorite sites in the snow.


In the city…

Click any pic to get a closer look!

old city housesThe house at the top left is Glenmore Mansion – a local favorite.


And in the country…

old country housesThe house at the top middle pre-dates the Civil War.


old barns TN

I know some of you have had more snow already this Winter than you want… but (although it wasn’t our first snowfall) this was our first absolutely gorgeous, super-powdery snowfall, and I had to share it with you. Besides, I know some of you are City Girl:Country Girl like me!


I’ll be back later tonight with the final #RiskRejection post.  Stay warm!



  1. Hi, Susan! Yes, it is a pretty snow. The sun is bringing about melting, though, regardless of the temperature being only 20 degrees now. We’ve toured Glenmore Mansion before, during the Christmas season a number of years ago. Time for a cup of hot tea! Hugs, Nellie

  2. What beautiful photos! You really captured the beauty in the snowfall. It’s hard for me to find the beauty in it when it hinders getting around for important things or wreaks havoc (car wrecks, lights out, broken water mains), but when I’m looking at it just for the pure joy of it…it’s magic! I can see that you found that magic.

  3. Entertaining Women says:

    Glad you took the risk. Your risk blessed us. Glorious shots. Cherry Kay

  4. I almost missed this one. I have been kind of busy getting ready for the weather- event- that- really- wasn’t here in south Georgia. We were supposed to get about five inches of the white stuff on top of about 1/4 inch of ice. All we got was the ice and the cold in our town. Laura is thrilled to have had snow in Macon, but here… ice and cold.

    So I have totally enjoyed your beautiful winter pictures with the white stuff and the blue skies. Ours are still grey here.

    Just bee-yoo-tee-ful.