Yuletide Tea Party: A Christmas Theme

Yuletide Tea is a theme that can be as simple or as complex as you wish.  Isn’t that nice during a busy holiday season?



  • Keep your house (or room) decorations to a minimum. Go with a delicate, easy-to-put-together decor. (The ideas in the inspiration board are super easy to achieve.)
  • Use Grandma’s antique lace tablecloth–or at least tuck in a feminine runner or doily.  Don’t know how to clean Grandma’s tablecloth? Try Restoration.
  • Invite a friend (or small group of friends) to join you for a casual Yuletide Tea–even if it’s a spur-of-the-moment idea… or only for an hour early one morning.
  • Provide a selection of teas
  • Serve a sweet treat; cake, Christmas cookies, cupcakes, muffins, pecan rolls, etc.  Store-bought is okay! When you’re going “simple,” it’s about the presentation…
  • Use a variety of tea cups–or ask each guest to bring their favorite.  See? It’s okay if you don’t have Christmas china!
  • Relax and celebrate friendship!

Pic credits: The teacups are mine. Feather tree.

Sorry I don’t remember where I got the pinecones pic; I’d love to give credit if anyone knows…

Xmas tea collage



  • Use delicately-colored ribbon to hang a variety of tea cups on your Christmas tree. If you have Christmas china, mix those cups in, too–unless you’ll be using them during the season!
  • Decorate your house (or favorite room) with tea-related items:  tea cups, tea sets, spoons, etc.
  • Use Grandma’s antique lace tablecloth–or the fanciest, most delicate one you have.
  • Polish the silver tea set–or use the nicest tea pot you have.  You DID choose to go “complex,” didn’t you?
  • Plan ahead and send invitations.
  • Provide a wide variety of teas.
  • Serve traditional finger sandwiches or mini quiches–and sweet treats.
  • Provide tea cups–or ask each guest to bring their favorite.
  • Relax and celebrate friendship!

Pic credits: cupcake and tree

Xmas Teatime collage

Have you ever hosted a Yuletide Tea? I’m loving the idea of a simple one…


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  1. A lovely method for gathering friends and building blessed relationships. Thanks for the suggestions. Cherry Kay

  2. Hi Susan. I forgot to take pictures for you as usual. I have been looking at the cross stitched stockings I made for my kids, 30, 28 and 26 years ago. Every year they seemed to be getting dingier because our fireplace is a wood burning fireplace that we use. Therefore they are near any smoke that may escape as we stoke up the fire each evening. Last weekend I soaked all three of them in Restoration and they look like brand new. I told my oldest daughter to take hers home for her own house this year and I will make sure our son gets his. The youngest daughter still lives in an apartment so I will hang onto it for her until she has a permanent home of her own. I’m so thrilled with how good they look right now. I’m so glad I started using this product.

    Also, my niece grabbed my dad’s naval hat off the veteran themed table centerpiece at the wedding. She wore it in the photo booth. It loos like brand new on her.

    • Lori, you know I love success stories, but when they involve family Christmas stockings… well, I REALLY love those! Thanks for sharing.

      As for your Dad’s naval hat, I’m guessing it might’ve been to “grungy” for her to wear it before you and Restoration worked your magic! Nice job!

  3. A Christmas Tea! Such a splendid idea to celebrate and make dear ones feel special.