Vintage: A Christmas Theme

Most people have a very strong opinion about them. They either love ’em–or they don’t.


Vintage Christmas decorations


They’re “dusty, outdated old junk” … or they’re “quirky-yet-quaint treasured memories of days gone by”.


They’re all those boxes from Grandma (and Great-Grandma) you stored in the attic … or they’re the highly-collectible items you can’t wait to acquire.


Which is it for you?


Vintage Xmas

See the Christmas tree surrounded by children? (Row three, four across) It plays Silent Night, and on the bottom is an old piece of masking tape on which is written “Grandma Miller.”


I have no idea who Grandma Miller was, but I fell in love with her fantastic vintage chalkware decoration when I saw it in Goodwill a few years ago – for $1.99.  Rescued!  You’re welcome, Grandma Miller.


And the pinecone tablecloth with crocheted trim? (Row four, two across) It was made by my own Great-Grandmother, and I treasure it for its simplicity–and childhood memories. It’s a pleasure being its current caretaker.  You’re welcome, Nannie.


If you want to do a Vintage Christmas theme but don’t have a collection, check out these sources:

  • Family and friends
  • Auctions (especially in November and December)
  • Garage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Online auctions (eBay, Goodwill, etc.)
  • Etsy


Some items can get pricey, so wait. You do not have to pay a lot for vintage Christmas items… you just have to be patient!


By the way, you also need to be smart–especially with vintage electric items like strings of lights. Check them carefully to ensure there are no bare wires before plugging them in and leaving them.  Better safe than sorry.


So which opinion do you hold?  Junk–or treasure?


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  1. Okay, this theme really speaks to me! As you might expect, I love that embroidered pinecone tablecloth–you’re so lucky to have something made by your great grandmother!

  2. I definitely love Christmas treasures, especially ones which bring sweet memories. I am a professed Christmas sentimentalist.

    This series has been awesome, Susan.

  3. I have many treasures that I have been lucky enough to be given as well as treasures that have found me and have become a new tradition. May the warm memories of Christmas past go forward into new ones this year. Merry Christmas.