Woodland: A Christmas Theme

Over the river, and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go…  I always loved that lilting little holiday song!


The “woods” have long been associated with this festive season, so Woodland Christmas has become a popular theme.


For several years now, Renaissance Man has enjoyed using it in his study–even decorating the tree himself!

Woodland Christmas tree

I’m really sorry this photographer’s expertise and the low light conditions in my old house haven’t learned to get along better, but let me break down the elements I used in his Woodland Christmas tree so you can “see” it better…  There are close-ups of a few of them in the next inspiration board – and you can click on any pic to enlarge further.


  • Grapevine (star ornaments and lengths used like garland)
  • Felt (plaid ornaments, and tree skirt; some years I use wide ribbon, too)
  • Metal (star, snowflake, and brass ball ornaments)
  • Antlers (real deer sheds)
  • Feathers (from pheasants and turkeys)
  • Pinecones (ornaments dipped in “snow”)
  • Birds (clip-ons)
  • Berries (faux picks from craft store)
  • Seed pods
  • Cattails (faux clusters from Dollar Tree; used as picks)
  • Woodland Santa figures


Many of the pics in this board are from THIS Woodland Christmas tablescape.  (You might also like THIS tablescape:  A Walk on the Wild Side)

Woodland Xmas 2

And some of the same elements were used in a different tablescape.

Woodland Xmas 1

Finally, a few other Woodland Christmas ideas I’ve clipped from various magazines through the years. I keep meaning to add red seed pods to our Woodland tree!

Woodland Xmas 3

How do you feel about the Woodland Christmas theme?  Do you find its “au naturale” feel comforting during this busy season… or do you prefer to pull out all the stops with glitz and glitter?


Woodland Christmas star


By the way…  Pinecones are much prettier when they’re clean.  Here’s how.


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  1. Very nice! Seems “homey”

  2. I’ll just be doggoned! I didn’t realize pine cones close up when they get wet!!! I’m going to start watching those on the ground for this phenomenon!!! Wow…that’s pretty cool!!!

    I love the study! It really has that “look” about it!!! I only have antlers in our library, but would be open to having an actual deer head in there! I’m impressed that your husband enjoys doing his own tree in there, too! I love to watch a man tackle things like that. It’s interesting to watch the process and how they interpret what should go where…especially if they have an engineering background! That’s when things REALLY get interesting!!!!! 🙂

    • An engineer decorating a Christmas tree? Now THAT would be something to see! …So you’d be open to a deer head? Just one? I’ve lost count how many are “tucked into” Renaissance Man’s study. 🙂 Think he would miss just one if I sent it your way?

  3. I find it very appealing. In fact, I just called my husband in to see your photos. And, I am loving those Christmas plates. You know, we can never have too many. hahaha

    Day four of my Holiday Home Tour is posted. I am not an expert at this type of post, but I persevere.♥ Thank you for your visits and support.