What “speechless” looks like…

Renaissance Man and I can live anywhere in the world–as long as he has easy access to an airport. So why do we still live in a tiny little town in East Tennessee? I’ll admit… Some days we ask ourselves the same question.


But not yesterday. Yesterday reminded us…


Driving in the “golden rain,” we made a beeline for the camera…


TN Autumn1


…and straight out to the countryside. I can’t put into words what we felt–or why we still live here…

but I can show you.


TN Autumn05

TN Autumn03

TN Autumn01

TN Autumn02


For you Mom… You who loves “interesting” logs.

TN Autumn10


TN Autumn06


And for you, sweet Little Man…  You who tells me your “favorite color is red”.

TN Autumn08


TN Autumn09

TN Autumn07


TN Autumn04


Next time I’ll show you the “after” of my Envy of the Neighborhood Hanging Ferns. Be sure to sign up to get new posts via email. Trust me… They are GORgeous!


Are you having a colorful Autumn season at your place?
I’m curious… Why do you live where YOU live?


happy scarecrow


I’m joining Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound – where every week is now pink *or* seasonal!




  1. And a very happy weekend to you, too! Oh, how I miss fall!!!!


  2. Hi Susan — Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this post and your beautiful pictures. Your question intrigued me, and I thought about it for a minute. Forty years ago, my parents moved our family to NEOhio when my dad took on a new job. This is where I (for the most part) did my growing up. I went to college here, and met my hubby here, and though life has offered us some other opportunities, we have chosen to decline, knowing that it was most important for us to be near our families. I am so fortunate in that my (one) sister and her family live nearby, as well as my in-laws, and most of my husbands siblings. This is definitely where we belong.

  3. What a lovely photo essay! I’ve been thinking of all the gorgeous leaves falling down, too, and with our rain and wind the last couple of days, there aren’t going to be too many days left. Just for the record, I live in a large suburb of Chicago, in “the land beyond O’Hare” and sometimes it surprises me that I’m still here. We have family in Chattanooga and are eager to visit in the spring to meet the grand-nephew that we have not yet gotten to know.

  4. Susan, I can see why. Breathtaking!!! We are peaking here, and we are loving it.

    You should link this post for Pink Saturday. We are doing seasonal posts through year end.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday! Oh my goodness what gorgeous Fall photos. Just stunning Grace

  6. Those pictures make my heart sing. Live close to the City now, but love my country drives. Happy Pink Saturday!