How to get a new pair of shoes for $2.99

Here’s a quick tidbit for you on this Tuesday…


Recently I needed to replace a pair of casual brown shoes. Fortunately, I found the cutest pair of Clarks for half price. Yea! But UNfortunately, they were a little more reddish-brown than what I like, so I hesitated–even at half price–because I don’t want to spend money and then not wear them.


Knowing how much it costs to care for orphans…and knowing their names…does that to me.


Here’s how the conversation went:


Me:  These are really cute–and comfortable–but I wish they were more of a chocolate brown…

Sales clerk: Well, honey, you can always rub ’em down with some mink oil.

Me:  Mink oil? Where do you get mink oil?


And then the helpful clerk proceeded to tell me how mink oil will usually darken leather

and then called another nearby shoe store to see if they carried it (because “you could get it at a saddle shop, but I don’t know of one nearby…and it would probably be pretty pricey there anyway”)


and then asked how much it cost.  All without me asking.  When’s the last time you got *that* kind of customer service?  And at a Rack Room Shoes, to boot?


So I drove right across the street to Shoe Dept. in the mall and bought myself some mink oil.



This morning I tried it out…  The one on the left is darker!

The container says not to use mink oil on suede or rough leather, but for smooth surfaces like these–perfect!


Hmmm… I have a navy pair of shoes I think I’ll try this on, too. They’ve always been a bit “blue” for my preference…


But for now, I’m headed to the airport–in the “new” pair of shoes I got for $2.99.  Just thought I’d share this with you before I leave–in case the tip might come in handy for you, too…


Enjoy your day!  I’ll see you soon with some Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration.


  1. how interesting..and fun…have a safe trip!