Little Lacy Treasures: What are you?

Life Lesson #27: Nothing is insignificant

The subject was a random one–the ginseng harvest in Tennessee–but it led to a discussion of the universe’s many yet-hidden creations still to be discovered. When I think of the vast expanse of space, the variety of plants and animals, the intricacy of the human body, I am in awe.


This “detail person” cannot begin to grasp even the complexity of things we *do* know…let alone the surely many, many truths still to be discovered.


And so I am thankful for the seemingly “insignificant things” because–whether I understand them or not…or even know them or not–they still work together to form this wonderful gift of life as I know it.


Several years ago, I came across some little handmade lace squares. They were beautiful, but they were so tiny I had no idea what they were–or what to do with them.

vintage lace insets


As pretty as they were, quite honestly, they were really just “insignificant”–and so I put them away.

lace insert

They remained insignificant–until I saw this…

lace inset


… and it finally dawned on me what my little treasures were: lace inserts to be added to a tablecloth or napkin or tray cloth. 

They were little pieces of beauty I adore in vintage pieces!

lace insets

And they were no longer insignificant but rather *highly significant* because of the texture and beauty they would add when paired with a simple piece of linen.


Sadly, I’m not the one to make such gorgeous pieces, and so they’ve been appreciated–but still stored away. If any of you know how to create gorgeous linens from these pieces and want to do it, email me. If not, I’m going to have to get creative and practice being versatile. There must be a “modern-day” way to get these back into circulation…


Any suggestions?


This is part of a 31-day series.  All Life Lessons from Linens are available HERE.





  1. Susan, life and our world are constant givers. At least we are getting better about giving back as opposed to constantly taking. Every day I am amazed about something new.