Do you give yourself permission to slow down and have fun?

Life Lesson #8: Remember to have fun!


I’ll admit. This is a life lesson I’ve had to learn (and re-learn) many times. I don’t have a lot of patience with people who don’t keep commitments because they had a chance “at the last minute” to go do “something fun.” But what about that report you had due? The committee meeting you were supposed to attend; the one every other member showed up for–to hear your report. Ever think they might’ve liked a night off, too … just for the fun of it?


While keeping commitments is extremely important to me, I do have to make a conscious effort to “add in some downtime” when I’m in charge of meetings or events because, honestly, I thrive on accomplishment…and I don’t mind staying focused to achieve it. But sometimes, that kind of person is–let’s face it–not much fun at all.  🙂


Working with vintage linens has often reminded me to slow down… Smile at that silly something a seamstress in the past thought was worthy of her time. LAUGH OUT LOUD, for Heaven’s sake.


Fun vintage linens


The slow-down reminds me how much my spirit needs a little fun-time…craves it…even when I’m too busy ignoring its promptings. Truly, like most things in life, it’s all about balance.


There’s a difference in having JOY in life … and having FUN. Does one come easier for you than the other?

Thank you to Kerry at Love Those “Hands at Home” for letting me add some of her “fun” linens to my own. These are still available at KerryCan on Etsy:


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  1. What a FANTASTIC post! I love how the wonderful, whimsical, linens, served as a reminder to you of the need to stop and just have fun. I agree so much with what you subtly said at the beginning too. In our efforts to have fun, we can’t discount our commitments. Oh, I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. (You’re welcome.)

    I liked the question you posed at the end, and I am chewing on my answer. I have to tell you that right now, I’m not sure what my answer is. I will say this: Frankly, I have not felt much joy in the past few weeks and haven’t really felt like I was having fun, even though I have been productive. Blogging is fun to me as is reading blogs. When I stopped blogging, my life got less fun. True confession.

  2. I just love thinking of the women who made some of these items–I bet we would’ve liked them! Great post, great points made!