A Fairy Tale Tablescape: Snow White & Rose Red

The colors of our late Summer roses made this week’s tablescape theme an obvious choice … perfect for a quick and easy, symbolism-filled table.

The beloved children’s tale by the Brothers Grimm tells of two young girls with personalities as different as these dinner plates.

Two sisters … Snow White and Rose Red

Following the death of their father, they live with their mother in a home marked by both the absence of wealth … and the eternal presence of love.

The children are taught kindness and compassion … for kin and stranger alike.

One Winter night, the impoverished home is visited by a bear wishing to come inside to warm himself by the fire.  The girls offer hospitality and friendship …

… and the bear comes each night, virtually becoming a member of the family.

When Summer arrives, the bear says he must leave for awhile to protect his fortune from an evil dwarf.

Throughout the Summer, the sisters themselves have several run-ins with the dwarf, once even showing kindness and rescuing him when his long tassel-like beard was caught in a tree.  But the dwarf is ungrateful and mean … nothing like the great bear that shared the family hearth all Winter, never once threatening to lift a claw to hurt the children.

Then one day, the dwarf and bear face off, the bear killing the wicked dwarf with one swipe of his mighty paw.  The heavy bear coat falls away … and a prince stands before the girls … the dwarf’s curse forever broken.

It’s a fairy tale, so you know what happens …

Tablescape inspiration … and life lessons … in a fairy tale. Where do you find yours?

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  1. Hi Susan, This is a wonderful idea for an inspiration. I’ve never heard that entire story before. Lovely roses! Linda

  2. Cute story! You sure have a great imagination. love the tablescape too….Christine

  3. To arrive at this lovely re-telling, via inspiration from a beautiful rose is awesome, Susan! What a lovely story you told us, through your words and your pictures! Thank you. I’ve been keeping an eye out for your post (we’re next to each other at Kathleen’s) to also thank you for mentioning to Phyllis that I would love her chickadee dishes–I DO!!! 🙂 Thanks. ~Zuni

  4. Delightful pairing!♥♫

  5. What a delightful post! Your table is exquisite, and the telling of the story was delightful.
    Inspiration – just this afternoon while tutoring a little guy in 2nd grade inspiration for a table came to me while he was reading one of Arnold Lobel’s stories. I hope to create it soon with the thought of retelling the story as you’ve done. We never know what is going to spark our imagination and fill us with inspiration.

  6. Well, Miz Susan- You have touched upon one of the favorite tales of my childhood. I absolutely loved that story..and you have brought it to life in a beautiful table setting. JUST GORGEOUS. I think I would find a prince to dine with me there- xo Diana

  7. Beautiful table. I love those transferware plates!

  8. Those plates are fabulous.. Just love red transferware. The story made for a great inspiration to your lovely table. You carried it out perfectly. xo marlis

  9. Your fairy tale is a great one and the use of the roses fits perfectly. Your transferware dinner plates are a lovely red and white. Hope you have a great Labor Day!