Memory-making and Magnolias …

This week’s tablescape is a reprisal of one I shared a couple of years ago.  Based on the results of my recent Reader Survey, it will be new to many of you …

This tablescape features a favorite Southern flower:  the magnolia. I’d never had a magnolia tree in my yard until we bought our old house, but there was a big one in the back yard. I got so excited thinking of the gorgeous blossoms and fragrant breezes it would provide.

But when we began plans for adding a garage at the back of our house, Renaissance Man said the magnolia would have to go.  I don’t THINK so!  We started negotiating … and adjusting the plans … and finally, together, we came up with the perfect solution. The tree would stay! I’ve never regretted it; I don’t think he has.
We’re empty nesters at our house, so (when my sweetheart isn’t working on the road), it’s a “table for two” around here.  This table was a quick anniversary tablescape … and since there were still a few beautiful magnolia blossoms low enough for me to reach, I floated one in a large centerpiece bowl. The house smelled wonderful!

Creamy whites … with just a touch of taupe.

Sitting at the table … scent of magnolia wafting in the air … I was thankful all over again that we’d found a way to save the beautiful old tree. That was just one of many challenges we’ve faced together through the years.

The memories are many.  Some good, some bad, some happy, some sad.  But, with God’s help, we’ve faced each situation together … and are all the more strong because of it.

In addition to beauty, dignity, and nobility, the magnolia is associated with perseverance. Definitely a choice Renaissance Man and I made at the beginning. You know … through thick and thin; rich and poor; dirty laundry and unwashed dishes; teenagers …  I think I’ll stop there. If you’ve ever had teenagers, surely you get the picture!

So here’s to magnolias …

and memory-making …
 and many more years of both …

To all of you Summer brides (past or present), I wish for you perseverance … and memories as beautiful as the purest, whitest magnolia blossom.

* * *
I’ll be linking to the Let There Be White tablescape challenge at Cuisine Kathleen. Won’t you join me? 

Dishes: Mikasa “Italian Countryside”
Flatware: Mikasa “Italian Countryside” stainless
Iced tea glasses: vintage King’s Crown “Thumbprint” purchased at auction
Centerpiece bowl: gift from a friend
Charger plates: purchased at auction
Placemats: Big Lots (on clearance)
Napkins and runner: vintage pieces found at auctions
Lenox pierced votive holders: set of 5 purchased at Goodwill (for $1 apiece!)



  1. Beautiful table, Susan. Love those Mikasa dishes and I love magnolias! xo

  2. What a pretty table, Susan. I love your dishes and magnolias are so gorgeous. I wish we had them around here but we are way too far North. Hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  3. Your table is so beautiful and the linens are stunning…I have been married for 35 years…and you are right some good some bad but you just get through it all…thanks for sharing the lovely post

  4. Your table is so beautiful and the linens are stunning…I have been married for 35 years…and you are right some good some bad but you just get through it all…thanks for sharing the lovely post

  5. Well, since I’m such a huge fan of magnolias, I have an extra affection for this table. If you did it before, I’ve most likely seen it, but at my age I forget so easily that I’m easily delighted a second time.

    I love the hint of beige in the linens and that crystal charger. Having no competing color on that table makes it so elegant!

  6. Beautiful…and I love magnolias, and your word on perseverance..yes and Amen! What a beautiful table…so peaceful.

  7. Yes, this is new to me and I so glad b/c I love it! As I scrolled through more and more details that I love unfolded. I am a huge fan of white and taupe. There is not one thing on this table that I don’t love. The glassware is spectacular! Dianne

  8. Thanks, Dianne. I was so excited when I found a set of 11 of those glasses at an auction for “almost nothing!” They’re nice and heavy — but fit the hand perfectly. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Beautiful setting and I love the white and taupe combo, it’s so elegant! The Mikasa dishes are lovely too, along with the white magnolias. Big hugs,

  10. Beautiful table! I would love to be able to have magnolias here.
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  11. Beautiful table….I miss living in florida and the magnolia flower is one of the reasons!!

    Your table is wonderful, so glad you shared it 🙂


  12. I too have a tree in my backyard that I fought for, and I would do it again! Luckily we have just moved out of the teen years, but still with college kids. We all deserve praise for making it through! I just love the magnolia flower on your pretty table and also the gorgeous votives. Happy Anniversary! Linda

  13. Happy Anniversary a bit late! Magnolia’s are so beautiful! It makes your table sing! I hope you enjoyed your dinner for two on your special day. May you be richly blessed with many more wonderful years! Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  14. Happy Anniversary! I love magnolias, and your table captures their beauty perfectly. We can even grow magnolias out here on the prairie…such a treasure. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  15. I love white and taupe! What a great choice for a beautiful and elegant tablescape. It’s so gorgeous!