Are You My Typical Blog Reader? SURVEY SAYS …

Three years ago today I hit “publish” on my very first blog post.  My debut tablescape raced into Blogland, and my heart raced right along with it, as I wondered what I was getting myself into.  Would there be anyone “out there” to receive me with the same sense of friendship I was extending?

There was!  Some of you have been there since Day One, and I’m still amazed by that.  Thank you for being such wonderful friends!

After a few months, I shared more of myself with you besides tablescapes … and then a little more … and then I started challenging you … until sometimes recently I’ve wondered if I’m running you off. That’s why I decided to take my recent Reader Survey.  I needed some feedback.You’re an interesting bunch.  Wanna see if you’re a “typical” My Place to Yours reader?

Through the years, visitors from 160 different countries have made their way to My Place.  Wow.  Just WOW!
As expected, however, only a few like taking surveys.  *Smile*
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If you’re not represented here, leave a comment and tell me, okay?  I still want to know you’re out there!

So … Are you typical?

I found it interesting that most of you are seen by others as Leaders … but fewer of you see yourselves that way.  I’m guessing there’s some too-long-hidden potential you might want to tap into!
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You all are simply amazing!  I love seeing all the new readers who’ve starting meeting here in the past year.
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I wasn’t surprised to see that Tablescapes was the typical reader’s #1 favorite category, but I was shocked that so many of you have never even seen a tablescape event in your area.  We reeaallly need to remedy that …  Email me and I’ll help you start planning!  If you need a speaker, I can help you with that, too.
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We love to read, don’t we?  I’m curious.  Have you been reducing your number of magazine subscriptions over the past few years?  I certainly have.
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I asked a few questions to see who you are … because you’re much more than tablescapes and vintage linens.
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Charitable giving through the Thrive Team at Hope Unlimited for Children is important to me.  Check it out … and join the team!

I always appreciate constructive criticism.  Yes, I know it’s my blog and I can do with it as I please, but what I “please” is to use it to encourage, inspire, and challenge YOU.  Thank you for your feedback.

I was very encouraged to see that my stories about the children in Brazil and the ministry of Hope Unlimited are resonating with so many of you.  Sometimes, for various reasons, I refrain from sharing … but God is doing so many wonderful things … and I’m really glad you want to hear!
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Speaking of sharing …  If you’ve ever recommended My Place to Yours to someone, thank you! Please don’t stop!   
To the rest of you …  I hope you’ll invite your friends and family to join you here.  Just a quick little “shout out” on your favorite social network from time to time … or a post forwarded via email … is an easy way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

By the way, it’s okay to invite some “young uns” here, too (aka under 50).  As you know, they’ll find very few hot-flashing rants at My Place (although they will have to excuse the occasional grandson picture) … but I’ll be sure they get plenty of encouragement, inspiration, and challenge!

No matter where you fall on the “typical” scale, I consider every one of you to be an extremely special blessing in my day.  I hope you can find blessings here, too.  Let’s keep meeting here for another three years … and more!
* * * * *
This post is long enough, but if you’re wondering why the survey showed 100% women readers when I’ve told you He Reads My Blog …  In the interest of full disclosure, there was actually one response from a lone brave male.  Perhaps I should say a daring male.  That’s daring … not darling.  I recognized the 31-40 year old, college-educated married man from NC who “works outside the home because he has to” as my Favorite Fatigue Wearer.  He started out well, but his responses got more and more daring.  Daring … not darling.  He had obviously wanted to “push the buttons” of his Favorite Mother-in-Law and see what she would say.  She said nothing.  For a few brief minutes she was offended; hurt that he would cross that invisible line of respect for me and this blogging hobby of mine.  This creative outlet that has touched my soul more deeply than I could have imagined that first time I pushed the computer key to send my tablescape into cyberspace.

But I know the boy.  (We moms get to call them that even after they’re grown men with wives and children of their own.  Don’t we?)  He was just “messing with me” … and the joke went bad.  He pushed my buttons too hard.  He was too daring.  Nope … not darling. Not darling at all.  But I knew he wasn’t being mean-spirited.  I knew he deserved the benefit of the doubt … and so I gave it to him … and let it go.  She said nothing.

A couple of weeks later we were together for a visit.  She said nothing.  He said nothing … until several days had passed.  I had let it go, but he was still feeling the “elephant in the room.”  (Told you he has a good heart.)  He brought up the subject to get it out in the open … so he could apologize.  He told me how he held his finger over that computer key for a long time before hitting Send … and then his words were whisked into cyberspace … and he knew deep down that he’d taken a big risk.  He was trying to be funny.  Had he gone too far?

I answered him honestly.  He had gone too far, but he already knew that.  I’d forgiven him after just a few minutes … because the relationship we’ve had for the better part of a decade is one I want to keep building on … and a one-time, temporary lapse of good judgment doesn’t warrant a second thought.
He asked if he messed up my survey.  I told him he got deleted.  He told me to write about it.  I told him he just wants to “make the blog” again.

Guess he just did.

Satisfied now my daring, darling son-in-law?  The next time you think about giving me blog fodder, think twice!  😉


  1. Amazed at how many of us fall into the same majority categories. Comforting in a cyber sort of way. Cherry Kay

  2. I never saw the survey. It must have been posted while I was “away” caring for my Dad.

    I must not be as “social” as I thought! I’ve never even heard of some of those social sites!!!!

    Your son-in-law is a wild and crazy guy! His little stunt sounds like something my son would do just “to be funny.” At least your son-in-law took the time to do that which means he’s sort of paying attention. My son has never even read my blog, and I guarantee you he wouldn’t even know the name of it to be able to look it up!!! Is it weird that I’m jealous? 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, Susan!

  3. Just as I suspected… I’m TYPICAL. I think that sounds a bit better than its cross eyed cousins, Common and Ordinary.

    I love that last part about your SIL. I know he meant well, and I have a little smile thinking about the fact that he was chagrined after pushing it too far. That part makes him very special, IMO. I laughed at the way you ended the whole thing and can only imagine his face as he reads this.

    Which he will. Giggle.

  4. I’m pretty typical according to your survey. How very informative. Loved it.

  5. That was a really interesting survey, Susan. Too bad about your “darlings” response. You just wonder what gets into them sometimes…lol Hope it was informative for YOU as well as for US. Blessings- xo Diana

  6. What a great post! Thanks for letting us know the results.