When Quiet Time Takes a Detour …

The people went around gathering it, and then ground it in a hand mill or crushed it in a mortar. They cooked it in a pot or made it into loaves. And it tasted like something made with olive oil.
(Numbers 11:8)

This verse caught my eye the other day … for a couple of random reasons that will soon become apparent.  But (thankfully) the first thing that jumped out at me was the one that matters most:  the Truth.  This verse is about the people of Israel. God’s chosen. The “it” is the manna God provided for their nourishment while they were wandering in the desert.  The bread of Heaven was sent every day.  Without fail.  Exactly what they needed … and never late.

But you see, in the midst of God’s faithful provision, the people were moaning and groaning and complaining.  Why?  They wanted meat.  They were tired of manna.  Tired of what God had deemed best for them at that stage of their life.
Well, God finally had enough of their belly-aching and gave them what they asked for.  He sent quail … lots of quail … and they hastily and greedily gathered it up.  The Bible says that while the meat was still between their teeth, God’s anger was “kindled against the people,” and they were struck with a plague that killed many in their midst.  Yikes.

It was time for a quick reality check.
Here’s what I asked myself … in case you want to do a quick check, too.
Is there anything I’m complaining about?
Do I think I know what’s best for me? 
What could my life look like if I stop complaining and start being thankful for God’s provision?

After I answered those questions for myself, that’s when the two random things came to mind …

Notice in the verse that the people gathered the manna then crushed it in a mortar.  You know, like a mortar and pestle.  I’ve never owned a mortar and pestle, but I’ve always wanted one, and the other day it was like “manna from heaven” when I came across a box FULL of mortars and pestles.  I snatched them up, cleaned them up, and kept the ones I wanted.  You read that right. After years of not having one, I now own multiple mortars and pestles in multiple sizes.
I put the extras in my Etsy shop.  Check ’em out.  I’ll donate all my profit to the kids in Brazil.

Random thing #2: The Bible verse says that after the manna was cooked, it tasted like “something made with olive oil.”  Oh, yum!  I absolutely love a good olive oil.  We’ve been enjoying these (plus a couple of fantastic balsamic vinegars) ever since last Summer when we took a detour and stopped in Saugatuck, MichiganThese bottles aren’t full anymore!

While wandering around the wonderful little downtown, Renaissance Man and I came across this shop.  We were in complete agreement:  How can any place offering an “olive oil tasting experience” be anything but good?   Let me tell you.  It did not disappoint!

Click HERE to go to The Olive Mill’s online store.

Woohoo!  I just learned there’s now an olive oil tasting bar in Knoxville.
Can’t wait to check it out!

Have you ever been to an olive oil/balsamic vinegar tasting bar?
What’s your favorite flavor?

 Here are two of mine …

Do you have a mortar and pestle?
If so, how/when do you use it?
I’ve got a lot of “making up lost time” ahead of me!


  1. Beautiful post, Susan!

    Yes, I own a mortar and pestle. I use them mainly to crush up our dried herbs into powder.

    My, my! Where is that olive oil tasting bar in town?!? I should know about that!:-)

    God supplies our needs!

    xo Nellie

  2. Susan, posting a quick note before I leave town. We are having to make an unexpected trip to see about Mr. Magpie’s other. Please keep us (and mostly her) in your prayers. I would really appreciate it. More later.

    Love that olive oil and the cute mortar dishes and pestles. Did I spell that right???



  3. I am not going to stalk you with a comment on every post that I’ve missed lately, but I wanted to comment here. I don’t know if you’ll even see it, but I loved the reminder and the conviction from the quail story. I have said a hundred times that I am a true Israelite and too prone to the grumble. I’m so glad that God loves me enough to get my attention and give me an attitude adjustment.

    I have never been to an oil or vinegar tasting. I would love that!

    Hope this posts. I’m having pretty good luck with the computer this morning. I guess she knows her days are numbered.