There’s Always Time to CELEBRATE LOVE … but the best time is NOW!

Last Valentine’s Day, many of you sent cards for the girls living at Hope Unlimited for Children in Brazil.
Hundreds of cards … from Blogland, civic groups, and churches.  Families and individuals.  You sent them when you sent your own Valentines … because I told you:  the Day of Love in Brazil isn’t until Summer.

Well, it’s Summer, and tomorrow, June 12, some beautiful young ladies will receive Valentines and learn … many for the first time … that they are loved by people they don’t even know.  These girls and their friends, whose young lives were once filled with abuse, exploitation, and even forced prostitution, will learn about healthy relationships and family and God’s love.  And ours, thanks to many of you!

Please pray for the girls … and the women who will share wholesome Truth with them at the Day of Love party.  And if you’re reading this “after the fact,” pray anyway!  I stand in awe at the ways God uses simple Valentines to soothe deep pains and bring hope to young girls. It takes so little effort on my part to send a Valentine.  So little, in fact, it hardly seems worth it at the time.
Oh, but it’s worth it!  Just ask any of these young women.  They were once young girls who received our Valentines.  Today they are Hope graduates, making a difference in their world.  Our world.  At various stages of young womanhood, they continue to discover God’s path for their lives … all because “once upon a time” they ended up at a place called Hope … and discovered love.
It’s true.  Just read Joyce’s story to see the life-changing effect the Valentines had on her life. 

Joyce is #2 from the top on the far left.  I was so excited to see her a few weeks ago … and meet her second little one!

And then (also pictured here) there’s …
Patricia, a young wife and mother who works for Hope during the week and, along with her husband, leads worship at the graduate church on the weekend.
Camilla and Francyslaine, two young women coming to the States next month to spend a year in a special missions training program.
Natalha and her husband, both former street children … now Hope houseparents.
Josie, getting married in a few weeks.  I wonder if she plans to wear one of these.

The success stories go on and on thanks to people just like you and me who take a few minutes to send a Valentine (or several!).  So little effort …
If you missed participating this year, plan to join us next year.  We’ll do it again!

We love because He first loved us.  1 John 4:19 
* * * * *

June is a popular month for weddings.  What kind of “celebrating love” is going on in your world?


  1. Oh the pictures just say it all…thanks for blessings my day with these. Thanks for the prayers on Sunday, I wasn’t doing well and when I read your email I cried. That was very healing. Hubby still needs a job and my jobs are hard sometime…physically hard. I am 52 you know and the body does feel a seven hour house clean. LOL
    Thanks for sharing this and reminding me to put things back into perspective.
    Thanks friend in Christ