Life Colors of a ’70s Teenager …

These beauties are blooming in the garden. Their timing is perfect!  Their colors make me think of my sister … and her birthday is today.  It’s a big one.  *Smile*
I was actually with my sister about a year ago when we came upon this shop window.
We had a good laugh.  Seriously? …
Sister and I grew up in the ’70s … and lime green and orange were the colors we chose for our shared bedroom.  They were the only ones we could agree upon.  Just imagine … floral bedspreads (with a touch of yellow and white thrown in for good measure) and window treatments of bright orange tied-back draperies with lime green sheers.  It was the perfect room for two tween-turned-teen girls.  In fact, we were as comfortable with those bright colors as we were with mood rings, Clearasil, and Tang for breakfast.


Back then, we thought we were stylin’!

Today I wonder:  Were we even thinking?

Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

Thanks for the memories.  You’re one of the best gifts God ever gave me!  I hope today is just the beginning of many more years of memory-making.

So what color was your growing-up bedroom?

Does anyone remember what the “glass” drapery fabric from the ’70s was called?  {Something} glass, I think.  That’s what our window treatments were.  It was an open-weave, very textured fabric … and was the “in” thing.  I’d ask my Mom, but she and Daddy are in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip. (I know they’d appreciate your prayers.)
* * * * *
   If you like color, you might want to try one of these color themes in your garden … or your next tablescape.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister!

    My niece had orange walls in her room.

    I had pink wallpaper as a pre-teen, and I switched to blue painted walls as a teen. I had antique furniture that belonged to my grandmother so my room was generally pretty serious with the accompanying stuffed animals and kid things. But artwork and furnishings were serious.



  2. Great post and tribute to your sister! My bedroom at home was done in blues and purples, and then my freshman roommate and I chose purple for our dorm room in 1971. We even had matching purple laundry baskets! I used it for years, though, eventually as a toy basket for my children. I still love blue, but not purple so much!

  3. Tang! I haven’t thought about Tang in ages! I can’t believe I actually drank that stuff…and liked it!!! It was supposedly what the astronauts drank, though, so I was all for it!

    This furniture reminds me of the furniture in my stepson’s bedroom when I first married Ramon. His was bright yellow and green, and I couldn’t help but wonder why the boy was being punished like that! 🙂 For a girl, maybe. For a boy? NOT!!! Anyway, that furniture is history now, but it’s fun to think about my first reaction to it.

    I had bright orange in my bedroom as a teen, until I finally switched to pink. Pink was my color all along…I just didn’t realize it! I just went along with the orange until my sister vacated the room.

    I wish I knew what you’re talking about with that drapery fabric. I have no idea. I’m wracking my brain, and nothing is coming up. If it comes to mind, I’ll let you know!

  4. There is a product called Eisenglass, and it used to be used particularly for roller shades. It even goes back as far as the “Surrey With the Fringe on Top” with Eisenglass curtains you could roll right down in case there’s a change in the weather.” Also, if I remember correctly there used to be woven products made from some version of fiberglass. Don’t know if you’re remembering something else. My room was orange and yellow…in the 60’s. Cherry Kay

  5. Thanks, Cherry Kay. Your suggestion of the fiberglass woven product sounds familiar…

  6. Wow. Tang, Clearasil, and orange. Those are the 70s I remember. My room was blue, but the family room had orange curtains, if I remember correctly. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  7. Happy Birthday to your sister! Not much decor in the bedroom I shared with my sister as well. I thought of the Eisenglass, too, plus the use of fiberglass was common. xo Nellie

  8. Oh how I love this! (And THIS is the type of furniture that I think ought to be painted, even in whackado colors like this.

    As for me?
    Well, my very first “big girl room” had pink wallpaper with ballerinas all over it. However, once I got to choose my colors, it was always yellow with some green and orange accents so I would have liked that. It’s funny that I never chose pink, which is my favorite color. I always chose yellow as the primary color. I guess even back then it was my LIFE color.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SISTER! I hope she has a year of finding the sunshine.

  9. Happy birthday to your sister. I had my own room in avocado Green as I am an only girl, but it kind of looked like that window, with the curtains and all..but hey, that was the style, and than and it was great! Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I’m sorry I took long answering your sweet comment, but I had to leave for a Little over two days for the funeral of my aunt. Happy to be here, though.

  11. I absolutely had those curtains in the 70’s but I don’t remember what they were called. I had the blue and cream ones in the bedroom and the rust colored ones in the living room. My bedroom when I was growing up was a shade between lavender and pink. xo Diana