How to Have Beautiful Plants … Even When You’re Away from Home!

Did anyone get a big, beautiful hanging basket for Mother’s Day?  If you did, I’ve already told you my secret for keeping it looking good. What?  You missed my secret?  OK, HERE it is again.  You’re welcome. **Big smile**


Today Renaissance Man and I did a little work in the yard before heading to Brazil. We leave in the morning. You are planning to come with us, aren’t you?  I invited you.


If you’re like me and want your plants to stay pretty all Summer long … even while you’re away on vacation,or busy blogging, or taking the kids or grandkids to the pool … then click on the shade garden picture below to see my secret over at Hometalk.


It won’t take you long to read it.  Good thing!  It’s getting late, and tomorrow starts early.  I hope you’re packed.  Sleep fast, and I’ll see you in the morning!



  1. Your yard looks gorgeous! Yes, an irrigation system is essential to keep plants looking and growing their best while we are gone during the summertime. Thank goodness for ours! We put all of our potted plants down in the flower beds while we are gone, so that the plants can get their drinks that way. The only thing we have to worry about are deer and rabbits nibbling away on things when we’re not looking!