Day 3 – PM: An Evening of Friendships

When last I was here, I told you I hoped to be back later this evening — after a tour, a dedication service, and an appreciation dinner.  I made it.

The tour of new office space for Hope Unlimited for Children.  This is the “before” … and renovations start soon.  This will be a great improvement to our existing location, and we are extremely grateful for God’s provision.

The dedication of a thrift store in a new, highly-lucrative location in Campinas.  Hope’s current thrift store raises a significant amount of in-country income to support the ministry.  This new boutique-style store (with its convenient drop-off and storage space for donations) should do very well.  They have a fantastic display space for costume jewelry, watches, etc. — and those items are always good sellers.  If you’re planning to clean out your costume jewelry and would like to donate it, please email me.  I’ll be happy to tell you where to send it in the US … and we’ll bring it to Brazil on a future trip.  I promise it will go to a good cause.

Want proof?  This young man in the center is a graduate of Hope Unlimited.  While passing by the new thrift store on his way to a night class, he saw all the activity and stopped in … to say “thank you for changing my life.  Thank you for believing in me.”

The appreciation dinner for a man who has worked with Hope Unlimited for almost 20 years; first as a volunteer and the past 12 years as the crucial leader of our Brazil fundraising staff.  He received the Legacy of Hope Award which was established in memory of Jack Smith, one of Hope’s founders … and a dear friend of the award recipient.  “Thank you” is always a good thing to say!

Good night all.  Tomorrow you get to meet the children!



  1. That is a great project and that is good it is thriving in a new busy location.

  2. Please post the address I would love to send you jewelry to sell at the thrift shop. Would you like purses as well? I would love to help out your ministry.

    Loree Ellis