Day 1 – PM: Leaving on a Jet Plane … to Brazil

Hello friends!  How has your day been?  I’m glad you took me up on the invitations in my last couple of posts and decided to “travel” with us this week.  Really I am!

We finally made it to DC and have just boarded our flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I’ll admit.  It sure was hard to leave behind these beauties before doing some tablescapes.


Can you believe all the buds on this one peony plantThat’s what a wet Spring will do!  Maybe a few blooms will be left when we get back home. Here’s hoping!

But for now, it’s time to start leaving behind the luxuries and start thinking about these beauties instead …

and these…  and all the ages in between.

It’s about a 9 hour flight, and we’re scheduled to land around 8:40 AM.  So settle in, fasten your seat belt, and let’s see what movie is showing on this flight.  After that, we’d best get some shut-eye.  We’ve got a big week aheadSweet dreams!


  1. Happy to join you. So looking forward to Brazil!

  2. Beautiful flowers, but that rose is stunning! Have a great trip…

  3. Guess you’re landing about right now, if I figured the time zones right. Best wishes for a fruitful visit!

  4. I just got enough coffee in me to read some blogs, and yours is is my first stop. I suppose at this point you are in the air getting close to the end of your long flight.

    The flowers are just gorgeous, but in all sincerity, they really aren’t as beautiful as the children. I have long heard it said that Brazil has some of the most people, and every time you post pictures, that is confirmed. Praise God that they are being rescued from an ugly that no child should have to endure.

    I am looking forward to stalking your travelogue.

    (BTW, my address sign arrived! Thank you again! I wanted to show pictures of it with a flowery porch, but my flowers aren’t looking so swell yet. It might have to be part of an “imagine the flowers” post. LOL)

  5. I, too, am looking forward to the trip. I am praying that your trip is safe and productive. Blessings!

  6. Your flowers…beautiful!!! I’ve yet to see anything even close to that around here. We’re just starting to get good and warm.

    Best wishes in your travels! I know you will do lots of good while you are there!