Gripe or Gratitude: My Choice … What’s Yours?

Happy weekend!  I’m soooooo glad it’s finally arrived — even if we do lose an hour Saturday night. 
To see another pink sunset, go HERE.

Here at My Place, it’s been one of those weeks.  I got up Tuesday morning finally ready to spend a day … one day … tackling some put-off-far-too-long projects.  Nothing too difficult, but things that needed my full attention.
1. Update computer operating system
2. Troubleshoot printer/scanner
3. Update financial software
4. Finish taxes
Easier said than doneNot a single thing was as simple as it should have been. Not one thing.  

Do NOT update your Mac computer to Mountain Lion if you still want RSS feeds to come to your inbox because they won’t anymore!  That was how I kept up with many of you, and now I’m trying to make the switch to Google Reader. I’m not very good at remembering to check it, so please be patient while I attempt to get into a new routine.

Do NOT let an online tech person convince you to wait until you receive your new printhead and then call back to troubleshoot the scanner.  Those two things are not related!  I didn’t fall for that one, but what a hassle!

Do NOT update your financial software when you’re in the middle of preparing your taxes.  Even if you’ve never had a problem updating before, something strange will happen, and your account balances will all be wrong.  Very wrong.

Do NOT spend anything when you throw up your hands on Thursday afternoon and head to the thrift stores unless you’re absolutely sure you remedied the problem in #3!
I was absolutely sure … but I still didn’t spend a penny!
Do NOT berate yourself if you make it to Friday morning and #4 is still unfinished on Tuesday’s to-do list.  Choose the option on the right … and get out of the house again!
I’m so glad I did!  When I stopped by Renaissance Man’s new office, I was greeted by another big, beautiful pile of Valentines for the girls of Hope Unlimited.  Some of them were from some of you!
Translation:  You are beautiful!

How easily I had lost perspective when my “projects” didn’t go smoothly. I needed this visual reminder that mine are all First World problems.  I needed a little perspective …
Thank you to everyone who has already sent cards. Sunday School classes, women’s groups, families, children,individuals … you know who you are. I think you’re the best!
When the Day of Love arrives in Brazil later this year, I know some wonderful young ladies who are going to be blessed by your kindness!  But today … you’ve blessed me.  I am truly grateful.
Read more about Hope Unlimited’s Celebrate Love Valentine project HERE.

In retrospect … It’s always a great week when I choose the one on the right!

How about you?  How was your week?

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  1. You poor, poor girl. I thought I had a rough week but I bow in your presence! You had it much tougher than I did. Just think-next week can’t be worse……can it?;>) xo Diana

  2. Susan, we are SO blessed! You have done a great job showing us how to put things in perspective. Technology is supposed to help us.:-) I always dread to make those phone calls to technical support, yet I am inclined to choose gratitude rather than gripe.

    xo Nellie

  3. Had it’s ups and downs, but more ups than downs, and so grateful the weekend is here.

  4. I like to think I am mostly in the ‘gratitude’ column; some days, like ALL of them this week, I’ve sadly been on the ‘gripe’ roster. Thank you for helping us put things into perspective!

  5. The cards you show are spectacular, I like the birds. They will bring some smiles when they arrive in Brazil. I visited a home bound senior lady today, she is upbeat and cheerful at age 91; I am a volunteer visitor who was matched with her.

  6. Well, it wasn’t the best week I’ve ever had, but then, it wasn’t the worst either. Everything looks more promising now that we have sunshine in Ontario.

  7. Good warnings. Ha! I had a so so week. Mostly good with a truckload of pain. But a fun date with my husband helped me to forget it for a bit.