Little Cabin in the Woods

I’m so glad you stopped by today.  Have I got a treat for you! More on that in a minute
I don’t know about where you live, but here in East Tennessee the weather last weekend was absolutely gorgeous!  COLD, but gorgeous!  Renaissance Man and I invited some friends to head to the mountains with us.  It was the first visit to the Smoky Mountains for one of the gals.  What a treat it was for her.  For all of us!

She especially enjoyed seeing this “little cabin in the woods.”  It’s part of a long-abandoned farmstead that was home to Noah “Bud” Ogle from 1883 to 1925.

The place is called “Junglebrook” after the dense growths of rhododendrons and magnolia that bordered the streams.

Using axe, plow, and gun, the mountains were forever changed as early settlers cut into forests that were centuries old … and built their homes.

Shelters … where they lived, and loved, and raised their families.

Their homes were much more crude than ours today, but they still provided a place of refuge.  Same as ours.

But while East Tennessee was being settled, industrialization was taking place in Europe … and the now-classic blue enamel signs were beginning to appear in the form of street signs and house numbers.

Do you love enamel signs on houses as much as I do?  If your answer is YES! then you’re going to love the treat I promised you.

I was recently contacted by Ramsign, a small Danish company specializing in classic enamel signs.  Their products are all based on original designs and techniques used in Europe “forever.”  Ramsign offers house number signs, address plaques, door signs …  You’re only limited by your creativity!

Thanks to the nice folks at Ramsign, one My Place to Yours reader will win a house number sign with up to 5 numbers (a $99 value) in ANY of their five fabulous design styles.

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If  I could win (but I can’t), I’d choose the Engelhardt. I know right where I’d put it …


  1. Thank you,Susan, for hosting this giveaway. I too am a fan of Englehardt, I have a 3 digit addy. I am a happy follower of your blog for a long time. xo

  2. I have a huge and well documented love affair with log cabins. Seriously, my daughters claim that they have seen every log cabin east of the Mississippi River. We were starting on the west side when they decided to grow up and change the nature of our family vacations to visiting Washington DC.

    I love this.

    And as for the sign, this giveaway queen likes the Highlander one the best, I think.

    I’ve tried to play catch up this morning in blog land, but it isn’t going too well.

  3. That log cabin is seriously wonderful. As are the photos of the woods and the stream. So envious of that beautiful bit of nature! Thanks for hosting this bodacious giveaway!!! My heart goes pitter patter every time I see the blue and white Metropolitan.. it reminds me of Europe. I would so love to win this, our house is sooo poorly marked!! Have a blessed day.. xo marlis

  4. I picked the Engelhardt, too!!! Even though I love the blue, it wouldn’t go with our current house color. (I DO plan to completely CHANGE this house color when we get the house painted later this year, though. It’s currently what I call a brown like they often use in the NE for Colonial-style homes. I want the white with black shutters!!! Shhh…don’t tell hubby. The less he knows about my evil plan, the better!)I love looking at old houses from a totally different era. It’s always so interesting how they made things work…like the outside how they fitted one board into another. There was no such thing as the insulation we have had around in our lifetime, so you wonder how on earth did these folks survive winters??!?!! And with unfinished floors like that, you’d have to CONSTANTLY sweep and watch out for splinters. We think we’ve got it tough today? Ha! In comparison, we’re all queens of our own castle!!! Have a great Wednesday!

  5. As a Gunn one must choose the “Highlander”. 🙂 Due to hubby’s job we move far top often so I would select our wedding date and hang it on my gallery wall. I can see it in my mind. Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. What a great giveaway. Thank you. I have been thinking that our house numbers need refreshing – this would be lovely. I really like the classic Metropolitan signs.

    When I look at the log cabin, I think of the people who, as you’ve said, built it for shelter, for a place to be at home. It’s something we all crave, isn’t it? The setting is very picturesque.

  7. LOVE that little cabin in the woods. Oh! The stories those weathered walls hold-can you imagine? I won’t sign up for the giveaway as I have won several in the past year. Blessings to you today- xo Diana

  8. Hi, Susan! The Smoky Mountains are a favorite place to visit! It sounds like you had a great week-end. Sending you my best! xo Nellie

  9. Such a beautiful place and that old cabin is wonderful…wouldn’t want to live there, but wonderful all the same. I do follow and I would choose Highlander, I think. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Would you believe that I just thought of this cabin today? Spooky! I remember taking a particular photo there a long, long time ago, back in the very early 1980s. Gosh, we haven’t ventured back to the Junglebrook area is at least 20 years. And I was wondering about your East TN reference, so I looked over and saw that you live in Knoxville! LOL, that’s where I live – out in Hardin Valley. Glad to meet you! Of course, I had to meet you via Miz Vee in Maine. I like the arrowhead style in green! Oh, and I am a new follower too.

  11. Love your photographs and that fireplace is amazing! Thanks for the chance to win…I’d love the Highlander!

  12. Hi, I follow your blog publicly via Google Friend Connect as shala_darkstone. I love the Engelhardt sign too!
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail (dot) com