No Time for Hoopla …

New Years Eve 2012
 We were blessed to have Daughter the Older with us this year

… and she likes the simplicity of black, white, and silver.

After a delicious early dinner, we called it an early night.  We’d all been on the road a lot lately. Somehow, the new year managed to arrive without our hoopla.  What a relief.

My shape of the year: the circle

How about you? Are you as boring well-rested at your house?

I’ll be joining the fun here:
Let’s Dish! at Cuisine Kathleen
Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch


  1. Lovely table, Susan, I especially like the wristwatch! Great idea. I am a party pooper lately, but I like it! Happy New Year to you! xo

  2. We must have taken the same page from the same book, Susan. We, too, had a delicious, early dinner, and were in bed long before midnight! How special to have your older daughter with you!

  3. Fun table.. we didn’t set one New Year’s eve, I had a date with my bed and a box of kleenex! Love the idea of the watch on the table.. so perfect to remind us how quickly time flies by. Love the black and white table.. Happiest of year to you! xo Marlis

  4. The watch around the candle…..SO COOL!!!!!!! No hoopla here, either. We stayed up watching the hoopla going on around the world on TV, shared a toast, a big bear hug and a kiss at midnight, and talked to two of our three children. (The 2 we talked to weren’t havin’ the hoopla, either. The other one…we can only imagine!) I’m glad you daughter was there to share in the “Un-Hoopla New Year”. Take care, and Happy New Year!

  5. Yep-LOL Just as boring of a night as you had except your table is prettier than my own….lol I love how simple and sweet your table looked and that you could enjoy it with your daughter. Blessings to you -xo Dana

  6. The best way to spend new year’s eve is with your loved ones! So nice that one daughter was with you! My kids were both away at parties … at least they were together! The table looks festive and the watch is clever! Happy New Year! Linda

  7. Hi, Susan. I’m glad I saw your post; I wanted to wish you all the best in 2013. Like others, I think the watch was quite clever–I bet many of us will steal the idea for next year! 🙂 No New Year’s Eve table here, but we did have a very nice, intimate dinner at our favorite (small) restaurant, then home by 10:30 to watch the revelers (whom we commented didn’t look like they were having a lot of fun, LOL). We talked to our children at midnight, which is our custom, so we can start the new year connected. I’m glad your daughter was home for some quality time. My best to you. ~Zuni

  8. A few of the neighbours got together for snacks and drinks. It wasn’t riotous but it was nice to be with friends to ring the new year in. Love the black, white and silver table!

  9. I don’t know….looked like hoopla to me…you at least did a table. Sweet Mister brought home Bravo Italiano, one of our favorite Italian spots who offers curbside for take outs. We ate on yellow trays, sitting on either side of his desk, and watching television. We were both so pooped, we went to bed before 10:00. I actually had a similar idea for a New Year’s table…”Time in a bottle…clocks, watches, and a collection of mercury glass bottles and candlesticks…you know, “Burning the candle at both ends.” I just never got around to it. Maybe next year. Thanks for inviting us for a peak at my favorite kind of New Years. Cherry Kay

  10. LOVE your simple table!

    I barely made it to 12:05 a.m. We had gotten out our Old Spaghetti Factory glasses out (that are older than our marriage) and “toasted” and kissed the New Year in… which always come in with a bang here in Manila… a LOT of banging, fireworks, and what sounds like cannons going off! But did I hear it? Of course not. I was GONE. Almost didn’t make it into the bed! HA!

    Then I had an American friend over New Year’s Day to help me put together two of the six book page “wedding cakes” for the marriage retreat centerpieces. Phew! I’m yawning at this writing… I’ll be glad when the retreat’s over and I’ve laughed and cried myself happy(er) and *yawn*. . . Yeah, 2013 is going to be an exciting year!


  11. I’m still trying to rest up from the hoopla that was December so our quiet New Year’s Eve was probably what the doctor ordered around here. I’m glad you had a daughter to ring in the year with, whether it was done with party or just a cup of coffee together in the morning. I love black, white, and silver. I realized looking at your table that I have never done a table with that color scheme. I always think it’s so elegant.

    Hoping to rediscover my old routine. I have decided that the lack of one lately is what is making me so tired. (And eating what I shouldn’t have eaten over Christmas didn’t help.)

  12. I am laughing at how many admitted to boring, or relaxing, which ever you chose New Years Eve…ours was totally boring!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun table.
    Blessings in this New Year…may the Lord guide your path and answer your deepest hearts cry!
    Hugs from Texas

  13. Great idea and inspiration of the watch around the candle. An eye catcher.

    Hope you had a great time.

    /CC girl

  14. Yes, we are boring too, lol! We did go out with friends for dinner, but we were ghome early! Love the watch on the candle!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!