Have you ever seen Cypress knees?

They’re the exposed cone-shaped growths attached to the roots of Bald Cypress trees.

Years ago, while in high school, Daughter the Younger took a field trip to a nearby Louisiana swamp.  While there, she and her friends went into a store where cypress knees were sold.  Months later, on Christmas morning, I learned that she and her friend Kristen had both looked at one particular cypress knee … and had an epiphany.

They saw the three kings.

On the spot, my daughter commissioned her artist-friend to paint them as a gift for me.  It was such an unexpected surprise coming from two teenage girls, and I loved it!  Today, I cherish the gift even more; Kristen died in an icy-roads car wreck while in college.

Epiphany Sunday
Today we celebrate the revelation of God the Son as a human child, Jesus Christ … and the Wise Men’s presentation of thoughtful and precious gifts to the Christ child.

Today I must consider:  What thoughtful and precious gift will I offer this year to JesusWhat about you?
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  1. Oh Susan, these are beautiful, in the photo I saw the entire Nativity scene! Kristen had such talent. And your daughter had a wonderful eye to see the beauty in the bottom of that tree. xo

  2. How beautiful….this is something I have never learned about. I do teach the Jewish Feast, but have never heard about Epiphany Sunday. Someone was telling my husband yesterday because today is our youngest birthday and she said,”Oh he is born on the Day of the Kings!” There is always more to learn and reasons to celebrate Christ. What a beautiful gift and reminder of someone who was precious to you all.

  3. Sobbing! These could not be more precious if they were covered in gold.

  4. Your post has me weeping. Weeping for the beauty of this day, the beauty of your gift and the beloved girls that shared it with you. I will keep your family and Kristen’s family in my prayers. The pain of their loss is surely unending.

    Susan, you gift us every day by sharing your faith. Today we celebrate our son’s birthday.♥ He is a gift to us.

  5. Susan, What a beautiful, poignant post. How bittersweet it must be to pull those out every year-happy to have them with a trace of sadness at losing a young friend. When we lived in FL I had a couple pieces of Cypress- I love the wood- There is place called the Crystal River there that you can canoe down and it is full of cypress. xo Diana

  6. I remember lamps made from cypress knees, but this idea is sooo much better. How talented and creative your daughter is. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  7. I have never seen or heard of cyprus knees before but they are really beautiful in the swamp. And your gift from you daughter and her late friend is so precious. What a memory the painted Three Kings has for you especially on this day. Blessings, Pamela

  8. What a lovely gift. A special way to remember Kristen. Have a happy day and a Happy year!

  9. beautiful pics!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  10. Oh, Susan, what a wonderful, beautiful, treasure you have here! I can’t imagine your daughter even envisioning these as kings, and then Kristen’s talent in bringing her vision forth. And what a lovely reminder Kristen left for you–her gift to you. Beautiful. And a beautiful post.

  11. Oh how I love cypress knees!! Thank you for telling us the story. So very touching, and seeing them each year must bring back such sweet memories. Such a lovely tribute to Kristen!

  12. I love this so much!! From the “epiphany” of seeing the wise men in the cypress to the fact that they are called cypress knees, to the art out of inspiration, and to the memory of a young woman when you look at them, I just loved it.

    And I really love the last question.
    I will be pondering it. As I read it, I realized that even my offerings to Jesus tend to have gotten in a rut and a box. I want to step out of THAT too.

    (But don’t worry world. I shall not sing to Him in public. I’ll keep my songs of praise in the private box. That’s my gift to the world.)

  13. I have seen Cypress knees and photographed them and thought what interesting forms in nature they are. These have become such wonderful creations…really neat~

  14. Happy Epiphany! I love this post and the Wise Men knees. What a keepsake with a great story!

  15. So sad to know about Kristin but am sure she will live in your hearts forever.

    Oh boy, it’s Thursday already but I am now just getting around with BLUE entries.
    Please leave me a line or two in my BLUE, thanks.