Sweet Sights Of The Season …

Christmas 2012












I hope yours was sweet like mine!

In case I don’t meet you here before the New Year arrives,
be sure yours is safe …and celebratory!


  1. I love all your bits and pieces of Christmas-from the Nativity to the Gingerbread house- I love it all- xo Diana

  2. I’ll meet you at the gingerbread house for New Years…if you haven’t gobbled it down by then. Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  3. What wonderful Christmas joys…and I know this year they took on a very special meaning. Blessings to you and yours through this journey

  4. Those were fun to see. I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone, can you? and Yes, ours was sweet, even though sickness came knocking at our door right smack dab in the holiday bliss!

  5. It has been – and continues to be, for me – a wonderful Christmas season! Sending you wishes for a Happy New Year. I still have hopes of making a day trip in your direction at some point!:-)

  6. Sweet enough at our house! I just ate three oatmeal cereal cookies that were left. Have a blessed new year dear friend.

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  8. FABULOUS photographs!!! Wow! You sure captured the essence of the season!!! I’m glad your Christmas was wonderful, and I wish you a very happy, safe and creative New Year!!!

  9. Oh, yay! Precious!

    HaPpY hApPy!

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