Some days …

Not long ago, Little Man and I counted these while riding in the car.
Too Cute Not To Shoot | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


A short time later … this bumper sticker

Some days you’re the top dog.
Some days you’re the hydrant.



I hope today’s a “top dog”day for you!
Happy weekend … from My Place to Yours


  1. Thank you….. a top dog for you too, xoxoxox Flavia

  2. So fun! I do believe I would say that I’m the hydrant these days, but I think I must be a dried up one.

  3. Today is going to be a “top dog day” for me. And, I am so ready because the other days of this week have been “hydrant days”. Thanks for this, Susan. You started my day with a big smile and a little giggle.♥

  4. Same to you, dear Susan. I need to be the top dog for awhile. I have grown weary these past few weeks of being the hydrant! 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  5. That saying sure makes me smile. How funny is that? Isn’t it funny what you “count” when you are with kids? Sometimes we will count red cars parked in driveways- I love making games out of things. xo Diana

  6. oh that is such a little boy fun…Benjamin would have also enjoyed that…may you have a top dog day also….BLESSINGS!!!