Creative Caring … WATCH FOR IT!

Welcome to My Place to Yours this Thanksgiving week! I hope it’s a great week for you whether you’re busy with the hustle-bustle of preparing your home for guests, fighting holiday traffic, or looking forward to a few quiet days of relaxation.

I realize your time is at a premium this week, so I’ll just share with you a few quick examples of creative caring I’ve noticed lately. Some have links. Read as much (or as little) as you like …

Hurricane Sandy response:  Some of you posted on your blogs or sent me emails telling how you weathered the storm.  There were many examples of neighbors helping neighbors … phone charging, clothes washing, meal cooking, tear sharing, “being there” for each other.

Then yesterday, just south of Gadsden, AL, I was reminded of the many long-distance neighbors who reached out to help as well.  T&D Solutions … utility contractors out of Texas … 30+ vehicles traveling in convoy … headed home for Thanksgiving.  What a sight!  Don’t you know they have a different perspective on gratitude this season — even as  prayers continue for those still dealing with Sandy’s wrath.

Long-distance friends of a woman with terminal brain cancer each signed up for a particular day of the week to send an email of encouragement — every week until … She’s getting at least a couple every day — and taking time to smell the roses. I shared her heart rock story with you HERE.

A man celebrating a milestone birthday asked friends to help him make a difference in the world.  I love this!


The family who runs our local pumpkin patch/corn maze offered their extra pumpkins to the community at no cost. An unexpected treat for the decorator … but nourishment  for the hungry.

Friends of an elderly woman no longer able to sit up in her chair constructed a temporary place to hang bird feeders outside her window so she could continue to see her beloved feathered friends even while on her death bed. She was blessed by their kindness for almost a week … until the very end of her life.

In loving memory of Irene

A white-haired woman reached beyond herself to offer a pack of tissues to an unexpectedly grieving young stranger. She could have looked the other way.  What raw emotion is expressed HERE …


Creative caring opportunities are all around us …
Let’s watch for them, okay?



If you missed my 31-Days of Creative Caring series,
check it out for more creative caring ideas.
May you have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving! Thank you for stopping by today …


  1. Love x 18 all these caring ideas. Wow! *tears* Lessons in looking outside ourselves and into the hearts and needs of others.

    Cherish you. *hugs*

  2. Susan- What wonderful, heartwarming, tear-filled stories here- Blessings to you and all those mentioned here. xo Diana

  3. Wonderful stories and reminders of what life really is about … Giving, sharing and helping others … many blessings to you and your family as you celebrate Thanksgiving!! xo C. (HHL)

  4. Yes our friend from Texas headed home from New York to put on a Thanksgiving lunch for the intercity of San Antonio…my husband is now employed by FEMA taking calls from those still dealing with the storms…and then all those little unnoticed things that make life worth living. It truly doesn’t take much if we just open up and let the Lord lead.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Your post have been inspiring!

  5. These are all wonderful examples of humans putting themselves out there for other humans. In these days of bitter dialogue and reckless behavior, it’s always a treasure to see/hear of people doing what ought to come naturally. I really do make it a point to at least just be NICE to someone everyday. I don’t leave the house a lot anymore, but the kindness may come through words on the phone or to a pal (or even a stranger!) on the Internet. It never hurts to reach out and do something you would appreciate if you were in another person’s shoes. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

  6. I had to go and read the tissue story before I could continue. Then, I had to stop and stare off into space for a while. These stories are all just wonderful. You hit the nail on the head that you just have to NOTICE the needs and suffering of others.

    People who know my husband say that he has a servant’s heart. I SAY that he has eyes that notice. It’s one of my favorite things about him.

    This was wonderful. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!