The Best Kind of MOOD SWING

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing Labor Day weekend and that this “short week” is going well for you so far.
I spent last week in the HEAT of south Texas where Summer was still in full swing. It was really nice to get back home to Tennessee with its cooling temperatures … and turning leaves. Sigh. My favorite time of year. Fall seems to be arriving a little early this year, but I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all!

Although I haven’t yet begun to physically make the change to Fall at my house like some of you, I’ve definitely begun the emotional mood swing. I guess that’s pretty obvious from this tablescape inspiration board, huh?


What about you? Did you feel your mood start to change as the calendar turned to September? What are your “go to” dishes at this time of year?

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  1. I’m not quite ready to make that complete change to a new season. The temperatures are going to have to be a lot cooler before I’m in the proper mood.:)

  2. That IS the best kind of mood swing!!! I am just getting ready to transition into fall here. It has been a long, hot summer- xo Diana

  3. Love the inspiration board! Very cool! I noticed on our way to southeastern Kansas last week a number of trees whose leaves had already turned. Very odd to see that around here this time of year. I hope we get lots of pretty color. The dry, hot summer might have killed that possibility. I don’t have any real “go to” dishes for Fall. Maybe I should fix that! 🙂

  4. Oh my girlfriend just swung in on Tuesday from her trip to Tennessee, to come back to the 100 plus weather of Texas…I can’t seem to change gears with our heat returning…and still wanting to dip into the pool…but you have made me think about it! Great table!…now for a mood swing!

  5. Great inspiration board…starts my brain spinning. The painting part of my project should be finished this week. I’ll give it a week to cure, and decide on flooring for the space…and then….and then. I may not have time to put out Autumn for a bit…plus, Beatrice Emaline is due in FIVE DAYS! Wonder if she’s concerned about that date? Cherry Kay

  6. No changes here yet in NY, everything still very green! I am not Fall inspired yet! Lovely inspiration board!