Super Hero Texting

I was busily continuing my task of de-cluttering, when I received this text …

For those of you who don’t know, Super Why! is a beloved super hero character on PBS Kids who teaches “letters” and reading.  Little Man thinks he’s cool and said he wanted a “Super Why! party and a purple cake” for his birthday.

Game on!

Step 1: Locate Kelly green t-shirt (Wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Thank you, Target!) and Iron-on Transfer Paper
(Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart)
Step 2:  Print logo (provided by Little Man’s Mommy) and cut it out.
Step 3:  Transfer image to t-shirt following package directions.
Step 4:  Whew!  Project Part 1 successful.

Next came the cape which lucky me! was to be same-fabric reversible with NO logo.  I found a great online super hero cape pattern and shortened it to my desired length.  Shiny blue washable satin fabric (40% off at Hobby Lobby) and small sewn-in magnets for easy closure/removal.

It’s fun being a tiny part of the “village” that pulls off a happy birthday party for a 3-year-old!  Little Man’s Mommy surprised him with his Super Why! t-shirt and cape on birthday morning.  He wore it all day … and slept in it at night.  He was one happy little boy!
Go ahead.  Peek through the window screen and see what a great job Little Man’s Mommy did fulfilling his request.  (The “purple cake” was a chocolate cake with blueberry butter cream icing.  As Little Man said, “YUM!”)

So if you’re asking, Susan Why? did you write this post, I’ll tell you …
a) Super Why! is really cool.
b) Many of you who visit here are either mothers or grandmothers of young children — or may be one day — and you need a good super hero cape pattern.
Halloween will be here before you know it!
c) A good super hero cape pattern is hard to find.
d)  All of the above

I’m curious …
Have you received a project request via text?
Have you ever made a super hero cape?
Had you ever heard of Super Why! before today?
I’m joining:
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Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch


  1. Very cute! My mom just made my boys capes too. They were Team Umizoomi for a Super Hero Party…just did the iron on t-shirts last week too!

  2. OK, I’m SOOO glad to be getting caught up on my blog reading because this is making my toes curl. It’s so cute. I can not wait to be a grandma because I miss doing stuff like this. As to projects via text? Not yet really. I just learned how to text a few months ago. I’m sure I will, though. I have gotten many a project via cell phone. Apparently, in Debbie Land, they never grow out of dress up. That’s fine by me.

    (And super hero cape- no. Little Red Riding Hood?- yep.

  3. That looks like so much fun, Susan!

  4. Oh so precious…my boys who loved super heroes, one was Bible Man…all enjoyed their capes…and one or two was sewed by their grandmother

    You did a great job…how totally precious!

  5. Do you know where his mom found the blank Superwhy logo? I’ve been looking everywhere with no luck…

    • Aby, I sure hope you come back here because your Blogger account is set to “no reply” …

      His mom wasn’t able to find anything either, so she made her own using Photoshop. Hopefully you (or someone you know) has a photo software that will let you do the same. Good luck!

  6. I have slowly been assembling all of the pieces to make my 21 month old son his first real Halloween costume as Super Why (last year he just had a My 1st Halloween shirt). This is the one show on TV he really likes and participates with and I can’t for the life of me find the logo! I thought about drawing it out myself and silk screening it, but I honestly don’t have the time to do that. If anyone could post a link or something to where to find the logo, I would really appreciate it! Kelly

  7. Kelly, here’s a site that includes a high-resolution Super Why logo: I don’t know all of the copyright laws on using a trademarked logo for personal use, so you might want to check on that. Good luck — and Happy Halloween to you and your little one! (Read my reply to Aby above for more info.)