Olympic Blogging: On your mark. Get set. GO!

July 6, 2005:  Our family was in England for Daughter the Older’s college graduation when the announcement was made:  London was picked to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.  As you can imagine, the news was the “talk of the town” and spirits were high!
Twenty-four hours later, in an act of terrorism, bombs were detonated on board London Underground trains.  52 civilians died; over 700 were injured.  The country mourned.  So did we.  Many of you did, too.

That was SEVEN years ago, and much has happened since then … but the day that seemed so distant has arrived.  Tonight, London will host the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Thank you, London, for your hospitality!

File:2012 Summer Olympics logo.svg

Over the next couple of weeks, many of these will be awarded to athletes who have perfected their craft and performed well. 

I’ve been thinking …
We bloggers practice our craft, too.  Sometimes we even feel like we’ve performed well. But the post that bared our soul or stretched us in some way gets buried in the Archives … and new readers aren’t likely to find it … and (perhaps it’s just me, but) it seems like if they could only read it, they’d understand us better.
IS it just me — or do you bloggers out there sometimes feel that way, too?
I have a suggestion …
Between today and the Closing Ceremony on August 12, let’s award ourselves some medals!  Think about all of the posts that you’ve written.  Are there some that really stretched you?  Some you’re especially proud of?  Any that you’d like to reprise?
Pick THREE past posts you consider — for whatever reason — to be some of your best.  Why three?  Bronze, silver, and gold, of course! Then take your place on the blog awards platform and publish a new post with links to your top three posts from the past.  Once you’ve done that, come back here and link it up!

I’ll go first …
I’ll admit that it was really hard to decide, but since I can use any criteria I want — and I don’t even have to tell what it is — I’ll just put these out there.

I hope you’ll do the same!

Haunted … in Broad Daylight

The Sally List

Logo and medals: click pics to see original sources
Medal clip art:  click HERE to see original source
I’m joining Inspiration Friday @ At The Picket Fence.


  1. I like you idea…I do think some of my best get hidden or need to be brought out again so I don’t keep having to explain over and over again.

    We went to part of the Atlanta Olympics…and our son will be in London after the Olympics…so we will be watching also.

    I will do some thinking and join you in posting also.

    For now I will go read yours!

  2. What a great, great idea. I am going to try and do this. I am off to read your 3 favorites! xo Diana

  3. Since I am a relatively new follower I had not had the privilege to read 2 of your 3 award winning posts. You definitely have a gift for the written word. I enjoyed reading them immensely!! The two flags were most definitely your crowning glory!!
    I’m so glad I found your blog. it is very well written on a variety of topics. Thank you. I get your blog via email feed so I don’t miss any of them.
    Gmama Jane

  4. I came here yesterday, read the bronze one, and then got distracted with something or another before I found out what was in the other two. (Knew the Sally one of course)

    When I clicked the GOLD one this morning, I remembered it. It happens to be one of my personal gold posts. I loved how you expressed my heart so well in that one and have actually told many people about that post.

    I have also thought about a personal GOLD SILVER BRONZE choice but haven’t been able to pick them yet.

  5. I hopped over from Janette’s page and have loved reading your 3 choices. I’m going to jump in and add 3 of mine, and am really enjoying reading these favorites!


  6. I found your blog from Janette’s page – yes, what a beautiful blog you have , a great idea, and a fellow vintage linen lover. Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

  7. No, it isn’t just you, Susan. I feel exactly the same. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity, shining the spotlight sort of speak.
    Thank you for always challenging us to go higher, stay the course, and go for that medal of medals.
    Love and blessings.